New Post - Arousing Sexual Fantasy  

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5/12/2006 4:01 pm
New Post - Arousing Sexual Fantasy

New Post - Arousing Sexual Fantasy.

First of all, l want to say that I am sorry I have delayed in updating in my blog. I can think of 2 reasons for this. 1). I'm lazy. 2). Everything I write about sex, I seem to always infuse what I write with self-contempt and self-loathing. Okay, not a great start but there you are.

What do I mean by self-contempt and self-loathing? Well, for example, I was at the cinema a few days ago, watching a movie (by myself) and, well, I suddenly I didn't have my beloved mobile phone with me. Anyway, it was praying on my mind. I was at the cinema earlier that same day and I was wondering if the mobile phone fell out of my pocket earlier in the day. It actually happened to me earlier this year and I had to get a new mobile phone as a result. Luckily, I did have insurance. Of course, I am digressing. So, let's get back on topic.

Yes, self-loathing and self-contempt. Anyway, after 10 minutes of realizing my mobile phone was absent, I decided to walk back to my flat (about 10 minutes walk) and, by God, I was swearing and cussing all the way back. Saying the same thing, over and over again. "You fuckin' idiot!" with plenty of stress on the "fuckin'" part. Sometimes, it changed to "You fucking prick!" and so on. And, occasionally, I would shake my head in resignation. Anyways, that is what I mean by self-contempt..

And why did I delay in writing to my blog. I delayed because I knew, once again, I would have to write self-criticism and writing self-criticism isn't easy. It never is, I suppose. But, I've got to do it. And, guess what, I haven't even started yet in this post.

So, let's get on with it. Hmm. I have to practice a degree of self-censorship on this blog because I know that a number of undesirables will be reading my posts... I will say though, that it is my intention to have plenty of consenting sexual activity over the next few months and years.

I can't rule out seeing a prostitute either. And, when I was thinking about that, I was thinking about how that would go... Actually, I already sent an e-mail to an Asian prostitute in Dublin, saying I wanted to have sex with her but I didn't have the money. Well, aren't there any brownie points for being honest? No reply from her. Oh well, I read in wikipedia, that that average prostitute has slept with over 600 men. Plenty of men, plenty of experience.

But, regarding a prostitute, I can imagine just how pathetic I will be. Though, of course, it would be even more pathetic not to have sex. I imagined that after we had done the act, I would be lying beside her and, well, she's getting ready to go... And, me, what do I say? oh, something like, "Please stay". And, I know what her answer will be. "No". She'll probably be polite about it and even apologetic but if the average prostitute is sleeping with 600 + men then I doubt fierce silken bootsif she is going to give me the time of day. Sexual chivalry is an outmoded concept. A thing of the past. What did I think I was going to do; posture like John Wayne and think that a woman will fall head over heels in love with me?

Anyway. That reminds me of another thing I want to write about. Something I have only thought up today. Yeah, the AIDS scare. In the 1980s, there was a hugh AIDS scare in the Western World. The religious fundamentalists, a scary bunch (and we have MORE than our fair share of them in the Republic of Ireland), viewed is a righteous revenge and punishment against sinners such as homosexuals and sexual goats and fornicators and anyone else who enjoyed the act of sex. You have no idea just how scared I am of these guys. I'm very scared!! And, this is one of the reasons, i am getting out of Ireland as soon as possible to the promising pastures of Beijing.

And, of course, I think, with the wisdom of hindsight, I bought these scare tactics. The right-wing fundamentalists are still using scare tactics to great success even today. Take for example, Mahmoud Admadinejad. Recently, he made a speech in Tehran in which he quoted his spiritual leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, as saying that he wanted the present Israeli regime wiped off the map and that he agreed with this. In his speech, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made it clear he was talking about regime change, referring to regime changes in Russia and Iraq. But, it was misrepresented in the western media. It was reported he said that he wanted Israeli wiped off the map.. That was not what he said. He spoke in Iranian and I must presume there is a dearth of competent Iranian-English interpreters and translators. But, the righteous, Christian right, in the United States, have considerable power and clout in the media, it seems. They caused a rumpus. In my opinion, the far-right of the USA want Armageddon. I hope that the politicians of the centre ground in the United States and elsewhere will stop them. They are some of the most ugly people I have ever met.

Anyway, back to sex. Of course, blogging is a great thing to bring the deepest and most precious thoughts of someone out. I don't blame myself for being honest with you all. I blame blogging.

So far, in this post, I have dragged my feet but I have a precious sexual and arousing fantasy to share with you all. It is my intention to use a serious such as AdultFriendFinder to find a sexual partner or partners. It will be valuable experience for me. We learn by making mistakes. I've made my share of mistakes.

[sighs] Sex is great fun. Why not enjoy it?

Right, my sexual fantasy. Where was I?

I love these two pics below:

These are two hot women. I usually prefer Asian women but I like this Caucasian woman in the tight blue spandex swimsuit. Nice. Yummy..

Oh, anyway, I want to say thatdelicious temptress one thing I have found out since I started keeping blogs and, especially, my sexually explicit blogs, since the beginning of January, is that there have showed me one thing about myself. I am a nervous wreck!! I need to relax. Like a right-wing fundamentalist, I appear to be quaking from the prospect of Armageddon and righteous condemnation. I need to relax.

Okay, sexual fantasy. I've played this one over in my head a few times. This sexual fantasy has made me delirious with excitement and given me a hard-one quite a few times during the day when my mind was idle and needed some means of escape from the daily drudgery.

See the women above with the blue bikini. Well, my woman in this day-dream is like her. Dressed like her. But, well, she has taken off the bottom part so I can see her magnificent crotchal area. [my prick is getting hard]

What a sight. I'm sitting on a char admiring the view. She then crouches (like in the pic) and moves up and down. She's looking at me, not breaking her gaze from me.

She speaks. I like dialogue in my sexual fantasies (see January posts. ). "Aren't I beautiful, Paul". Yes, I reply. My prick getting hard in my pants. Standing to attention... My heart beating fast, a-quiver, a-flutter, a-motoring. "Women are the superior sex" she says.. We are smooth down here", indicating her crotchal area. "Men are ugly down here". "They are imperfect". "Women are more evolved, more advanced". I wasn't about to argue with her. I was aroused and breathing heavily, focused on the magnificent sight before me. "Yes, madam" I replied.

She continues to crouch up and down. I'm not wearing any underpants so my penis has free airway in my pants, tucked away there. She probably can't see for herself that I am aroused but my facial features and expressions are probably giving that fact away.

"You are lonely" she continues. "Oh, you poor thing!".. Her hands are on her hips in an authoritative pose and she continues to crouch up and down, her legs spread apart, in a power-babe post. "I can read your mind" "All women can read minds". "Men can't". "I can read your brain-waves". Well, I'm moaning and groaning a little at this stage. She's looking at me intensively and seriously. She's concerned about me. My prick is completely hard now. She momentarily placed the palm of her hand on my cheek and strokes me, continuing her up and down crouching movements. I'm panting now. Aroused. Helpless.
flexible and supple body

"yes, I'm lonely" I reply.

She continues, "I don't want you to cum in your pants". "I want you to tell me about 10 seconds before you cum, okay". I nod in consent. "Then, I will take you inside of me, where it's warm and where you can play, okay". I nod. "Thank you", I say. "There is plenty of room there" she says. "Oh, so much room!". "I don't want you making a mess of your trousers or of my room!" "Okay", I pant.

"I'm ready" I indicate... I zip down my pants. My thing pops out. She walks over calmly, holds me from behind, placing her hands on my buttocks and she inserts me inside her pushed me from behind into her with her strong arms on my buttocks. We are cheek-to-cheek. She hushes to me, "It's okay. I have you now!". I explode. 8 spunks of jis is released.

She wraps her legs around me and I carry her over to the bed. We lie down, still joined. She on top of me. She looks at me, asking me questions, in her hushed soothing voice. "Are you warm?", "Are you okay?". I reply in the affirmative. "I'm here to look after you now"... Well, I guess I like to be treated like an infant.

We remain joined. She notices that I feast my eyes on her amble breasts from time to time. She says to me, "If you feeling tense, or lonely, grab my breasts and give them a good squeeze, okay". I say "okay". "Thank you". My penis goes flaccid in her vagina now but we remain joined. I'm in post-coital bliss.

After about an hour or two, I feel this urge to fondle and squeeze her breast(s). She's still on top so I turn her on the side, saying joined to one another and I take hold of one of her breasts, giving it a good squeeze. I let out a moan of pleasure. I want her to know how much I appreciate it. My penis once again rears up inside of her. My rest my head against and inside her neck. She is dominant. She holds me. I breath beside her ear. I cum again hard, letting out a strong gasp of contentment. "Oh thank you!, thank you." I sigh. "Everything is going to be alright" she replies. We remain joined for another 5 minutes and then we part and we are in our arms for the rest of the night. Oh bliss! I'm in her arms and she stroking me. She accepts me. I want to be accepted so much. With her, I feel I belong. I'm so happy. I can never be happier than at this moment.

Well, I think that's most of my post for today. Just to remind you though, I reserve the right to remove any comments I don't like.

Well, I guess, in summary, I like to be mama-ed sometimes. I reckon this is quite a common fantasy for many many guys. Pay attention girls.
I like this gorgeous young woman, dressed as Lara Croft, with those fierce weapons holders to her hips and two more weapons pointing out from her chest. I worship thee.

One more thing. I'm 32 now [sighs]. Times marching on. I need to get down to business before I'm too old to do it!!. I need to get some practice in sex. This morning, I was thinking to myself. I've been waiting all my life. No more waiting. Do it!! Get it done!! Work, work, work!! Go, go, go!!. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!. I'm tired of playing the waiting game, an extraordinarily boring game that it was.

Paul Carr

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