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7/13/2005 6:07 am

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I never thought Id say it but some guys are just plain wankers and my sisters husband is one of them. Hes one of those men who think women should cook, clean, mind the children and nothing else. He doesnt believe in women getting a job, being anyway independent or going anywhere without their husbands or boyfriends. While he does nothing all day my sister has to mind my niece and nephew, clean the house and have his dinner on the table when he wants it.

My family and I have tried many times to try and get along and try to help her out as much as possible but its getting to the stage where i wont go to see my niece and nephew because he is always there and just asks me to leave when I take offence to one of his usual cruel jibes at my sister or the way she does things always trying to put her down.

Its gotten to the stage where I need some advice as to how to try convince my sister that he isnt good enough for her. She used to be so outgoing and confident, now shes a wreck and clearly not happy even though she says she is. Has anyone got any advice or comments on how we can get this slob out of our lifes for good??

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7/13/2005 8:24 am

I know of a gal in the same situation. I asked her why she stays. Her answer suprised me. She said that all her other boyfriends treated her good like a queen, but the relationship never worked out. Now she has been with this guy for 12 years and loves it. He treats her like shit. She said she is happy. I just think that have to make up there mind about how they want to live. I think when the kids grow up your sister and my friend will see things different. When the boys start taking after there dads. The environment and upbringing has everything on how a person grows and lives. I hope for the best for your sister.

Stay safe and be happy
Junior & Nancy

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