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7/14/2005 5:00 am

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New York New York

Just a bit excited as i booked my tickets for new york today. My oldest brother has been living in the US of A for over four years now and we havent seen him in all that time as unfortunatley he is illegal over there. He is caught between a rock and a hard place as before september 11th it was extremly easy to sneak across the border with canada but this has since been tightened up. My bother is no criminal and works for every single penny he earns, Why is george bush punishing hard working people like my brother for just wanting to travel and work.
Any americans that come over to Ireland to work and live are always welcomed with open arms. There has been a long standing association between Ireland and America and long may it last! But george bush should realy think about sorting out the illegal imigrant situation over there, there was talk about this before the election but nothing has been done. Heres hoping that george bush will come to his senses and stop punishing people whos only crime was wanting a better life!!

Neway cant wait to finaly get to New York its a magical place ive been dreaming about for a long long time. Hoping anyone who reads this and has any places in NYC that I mightnt read about in the travel books or know about will post it up here id very much appreciate it.

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