A long way from home at the next door neighbors.  

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5/18/2006 10:45 pm
A long way from home at the next door neighbors.

I an experianced man traveled to other countries went to Nam for twentyeight monthes and visited Austrailia, Japasn, Canada, Mexico, and over twenty states. Stayed within my limites as far a Americans go. Several monthes more like years ago I got this idea of learning Spanish not American Spanish but Mexican, South American, and I hope Spanish Spanish. I got tired of listening to music and spanish speeking peaple and not understand all of what they said. Understaning speeking writing reading. The cultur history antiquatie. So here I am. I have an exelent apartment with a beautiful view of a bay simular to the one I had in Seattle. I have started to develope friends not family type but single. I enjoy the company of an attractive divorced mother. We go on day trips out of town to expand my world. I don't have a time table so when I do return is in the air also where I live is open to my muse. Even thoe I found I like stability and control of my envirment and finance. I started this excursion this January and so far so good. Getting started was more expancive then I had planned for but not so much that I had to run home to my bank. I am American all U.S. of American. actualy am not doing anthing different than if I was at Home in Corpus Christi,Texas exept for the "Texas Hold'em" no poker here. That is one of the differences here in Acapulco, Gerrero.

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