The Cockold Part One  

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11/2/2005 10:18 am

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The Cockold Part One

Lets turn it around today.

We enter the restaurant. He stands out almost immediately. 6 feet 6 inches tall, roughly 200 pounds, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes that bore right into your soul. He stands to meet us. My heart jumps in anticipation as I think of what is to come.

The dinner goes well. We engage in small talk while his eyes roam over Jules’ body. I see in those eyes the lust and passion that will explode tonight. I notice the same look in Jules’ eyes. The dinner ends with Jules and him leaving together. I am to pay the check and meet them at the hotel room.

The room is empty when I get there. I sit in the chair and wait what seems an eternity for them to arrive. After an hour I hear a car outside. A few minutes later they enter the room. Jules looks over to me and says, “Sorry, we took a slight detour.” and giggles.

“Why don’t you get naked darling?” she says to me. I stand and remove my clothes, carefully folding them as I lay them on the nightstand besides the chair. My 4-½ inch rock hard cock stands out against my shaved genitalia. The man looks down on my member and laughs.

He wraps his arms around Jules’ body as I return to the cold vinyl seat. They kiss each other deeply as he guides her to the bed. Their hands are all over each other. His mouth finds Jules neck. She lets out a moan. Her fingers move from button to button, loosening his shirt. As his shirt opens to her touch her kisses find his chest. His hands have reached under her skirt and slipped her panties down her long legs. I look to the floor where they lay. Jules’ hands move to his pants. Unzipping them with ease she pulls out his hard cock. She strokes the seven inches of hardness as her kisses move down his body.

He lies on his back as Jules maneuvers her hips over his face. As his tongue explores her sweetness I can see her tongue traveling over the backside of his cock on it’s journey to his balls. She lets out a small squeal of delight as he finds his mark, then she sucks his balls into her warm, moist mouth. My cock throbs as Jules takes the man into her mouth. It’s torture for me not to touch myself, but I know better. It would displease Jules. She struggles to get as much of him inside her mouth as her hips gyrate against his tongue. She moans and shakes as she reaches her orgasm.

He pushes her off of him. His kisses retrace their path to her waiting mouth. Jules lies on her back as he climbs on top of her. Pushing her legs into the air with his arms he enters my wife. The hardness of my own cock drives me crazy as I watch his member disappear inside Jules. His movements are slow at first. Jules moans loudly as he speeds up his thrust. Her kisses smother him as his movements get faster and faster. I consider touching myself. I so need just a little stimulation to ease my torture. But I know if one finger so much as brushes against my cock Jules will make me sit in the car while they finish.

His voice carries across the room mixed with Jules cries of ecstasy. “Oh fuck yeah, it’s so fucking tight.” “Oh my god, you are so great.” “Faster baby, slam that pussy hard.” His movements continue to speed up. Jules is holding onto him for dear life as he jackhammers her tight little pussy. They both shake and scream out in pleasure as they reach orgasm together. I watch as they lay in each other’s arms on the bed. My cock is so hard it causes pain as I sit and watch his cum trickle out of Jules pussy. Jules looks into my eyes and smiles. “Put your clothes back on, we’re done for tonight.” She says to me. I stand and re-clothe myself, knowing I won’t be allowed to pleasure myself tonight. If I’m lucky I’ll be allowed to play with myself the next time.

End part one.

And now, lets move on to other matters.

I really need to find the digi cam or something so we can get some pics loaded here. They won’t accept the one of us together. Maybe today, if I don’t get too busy, as if. We won’t ask for anything we don’t give, so if you are interested in meeting us please include a pic. We use 2 sites and I keep forgetting this site doesn’t have our pics up, so we’ll be glad to e-mail you a pic. I know I’m going to do a couple nudes myself; hopefully I can talk Jules into doing a nude or two also.

Oh yeah. Look, there are so many things we are interested in doing that we can’t always keep track, lol. A good idea is to include what you are interested in with your e-mail. Here’s why. I’m bi, but if you are a straight guy who likes the idea of me blowing you hard after you fuck Jules, so you can fuck her again, you are 99% in the door buddy. If you tell us this to start with you will get an immediate reply, and hell, maybe even a few pics we wouldn’t share with everyone (if you are serious, and not a “make a date then chicken out” type). There are other things that will get you 99% in the door, but I’m not going to list them here. You can find them out yourself if you are brave enough.

And yes, I am currently obsessed with the idea of cuckolding. Jules currently decides when, where and what we do. Having to hold myself in for days on end is one hell of a turn-on. We have a CB2000, but I’m having trouble getting it to stay on. Seems one of my balls (the left one) keeps working out of it. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Being locked up and unable to touch myself at all for weeks at a time gives me immediate wood.

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