Out of sheer boredom combined with extreme horniness  

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10/29/2005 10:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Out of sheer boredom combined with extreme horniness

I thought I would share a short fantsy, having nothing better to do for the next couple hours. Enjoy.

FANTASY ALERT!!! In real life condoms are a MUST!

Darkness surrounds me as I sit naked in the chair waiting for your arrival. I hear a car in the driveway and my heart skips a beat. Have you finally returned? I hear voices outside the door, three male and yours. Laughter is carried across the room to me as the key turns in the lock.

The light comes on and I see you standing in the doorway looking beautiful as three men enter our home. I do not know any of them, obviously you have made some new friends at the club. I feel my cock harden as you turn and plant your kisses on the nearest man's mouth. His hands are squeezing your ass as you imbrace. The other two men are looking at me, laughing at my nakedness as thier friend removes your dress.

You lead them into our bedroom, leaving me in the living room by myself. I hear the sounds of passion through the door. My dick strains as it reaches it's full hardness. It struggles to bust free of restraint you make me wear. Touching myself without your permision is never allowed. It has been six months since my small cock was freed of it's restraint. The bed squeeks as you enjoy the pleasure of three lovers. I hear your faint moans as they drift across the air. You call for me and I hurry to your side.

As I enter the bedroom I see you laying on your back. Two of the men are kneeling by your face, you are sucking thier huge members, first taking as much of one as you can in your mouth, then taking the other. I look at the third man's cum leaking out of your pussy and I know why you have called me.

I slide my head between your legs and start to lick the man's juices from you. The saltiness turns me on as I clean all of his cum from your tight pussy. You moan softly as my tongue explores the inside of you. You reach down and grab me by my hair. Roughly you move my head so that I am licking your clit. Your thighs come togather, squeezing my head as you let out with an orgasm.

After you stop trembling you push me away from you. I move to the man who stretched your pussy and I take his eight inches of still soft cock into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I see one of the other men move down your body as you roll over onto your stomach. With a mouth full of dick a moan escapes your lips as the man behind you raises your ass and slides his tool into your hungry pussy. I feel the cock in my mouth grow to it's full 10 inches as I watch you get double teamed out of the corner of my eye.

The man behind you thrust long and hard, quickening his pace as he gets ready to cum. He fills your waiting pussy with his juices as the man in your mouth lets go with his. You roll over on your back as you motion to me again. I leave the manhood I have been servicing to come clean your pussy of the man's cum. I lick you clean as you lay with both men on either side of you. You fondle them while they kiss your kneck and mouth.

The man in the chair rises and climbs on the bed behind me. I feel the head of his cock pressing against my anus, and suddenly he thrust all 10 inches inside me. As he slams away hard and fast at my ass you get your third orgasm of the night.

You move from me and start sucking on one of the other men's cocks as the third man takes his place in front of me. His already hard nine inches of man-meat enters my mouth. I struggle to breathe as I feel his balls against my chin. The man in my ass is pounding me hard as my mouth is filled with this man's monster cock.

Out of the corner of my eye I see you beside me on the bed. You are on all fours with the man behind you. I watch as he slowly enters his huge cock into your sweet ass. I envy him, I am NEVER allowed to put my tiny cock there. You say I'm not man enough to fuck your ass. As he thrust you push back against him, allowing all of him inside your most prescous of openings.

I feel the man in my ass let loose with his orgasm. His cum shoots deep inside my ass as the man in my mouth shoots his load down my throat. They climb off me as your ass is filled with cum. After the man moves off you I watch the cum leak out of your ass for a moment. With the moment gone I bend over and clean the salty juices from your little asshole.

Once my job is finished I return to the livingroom to sleep on the couch. You lay on the bed cuddling with these three men who have pleasured you this night. I look back as you tell me the four of you want pancakes and sausage for breakfast. I try to ignore my restraint hampered hard-on as I lay on the couch. I need to get to sleep, I will have to get up early to cook breakfast in bed for four. I'm sure I'll be allowed to suck more of those great cocks and lick your clit as the four of you eat.

Not The End

sexyeyes375 47F

10/29/2005 1:59 pm

enjoyed reading your fantasy.. good use of a couple of hours

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