What now?  

doneinforever 57M
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7/30/2006 1:00 am

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7/31/2006 1:27 am

What now?

What now? A great question. Appropriate for most occasions. I've never written a blog before, in fact, I've never written much of anything. I don't know that I really ever wanted to leave any evidence. I guess I am at a time in my life when I need a little proof of my own existence. Not physical proof. Hell, I have that. A half empty coffee cup, some cigarette butts in an ashtray a rolled up tube of toothpaste. That is just proof I have some minor addictions and a need for at least light hygiene. No, I need to know that I have thoughts, views and opinions, even if they aren't my own. I need to show myself that I have feelings and values. Strike that, let's pretend I didn't use the word values. I suppose the sudden urge for validation is the realization I am detached. I stand outside myself and watch things happen to the silly sod. He's great. You can't even see the strings holding him up. The smile inked on to the face. Wonderfully crafted responses to all situations. Never touched, never giving anything away. Never having to feel pain, but missing out on joy, There is a price for everything. That vision in the mirror staring at me asking, "what happened with you today?" The answer always being ,"you know, same old thing".
Well, now I can tell the mirror "hey, dude, we did something different today. We actually shared something of ourselves." I anticipate the answer,"Ain't that just fucking grand, what now?"

rm_aboutme66 51F
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7/30/2006 1:37 am

great start .

Someday is today.

twirly_girl 47F

7/30/2006 1:41 am

I hope you enjoy blogging here and
hope that you find what you need from it.

As this is your first comment, you can
now consider yourself a little validated.


wanabemyslut69 46M

7/30/2006 1:51 am

Ahhh.... but the the feeling you get by completely unloading your feelings and thoughts and never having to fear the wrath of another person's judgment (to your face) is VERY GRAND! I started my blog recently and for my first time I was totally honest. I feel liberated!
Good Luck!

rm_Speakeasy069 57M

7/30/2006 2:29 am

I understand exactly what you mean....Doing the same thing myself, shareing is careing...Thats what lifes all about, else why live it

doneinforever 57M

7/30/2006 11:50 am

Thank you for checking it out and responding. It is very kind of you.

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