The Value Of Rambling  

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8/20/2006 3:55 am
The Value Of Rambling

In val•ue (v l y )
1. An amount, as of goods, services, or money, considered to be a fair and suitable equivalent for something else; a fair price or return.
2. Monetary or material worth: the fluctuating value of gold and silver.
3. Worth in usefulness or importance to the possessor; utility or merit: the value of an education.
4. A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable: "The speech was a summons back to the patrician values of restraint and responsibility" Jonathan Alter.
5. Precise meaning or import, as of a word.
6. Mathematics An assigned or calculated numerical quantity.
7. Music The relative duration of a tone or rest.
8. The relative darkness or lightness of a color. See Table at color.
9. Linguistics The sound quality of a letter or diphthong.
10. One of a series of specified values: issued a stamp of new value.
tr.v. val•ued, val•u•ing, val•ues
1. To determine or estimate the worth or value of; appraise.
2. To regard highly; esteem. See Synonyms at appreciate.
3. To rate according to relative estimate of worth or desirability; evaluate: valued health above money.
4. To assign a value to (a unit of currency, for example).

[Middle English, from Old French, from feminine past participle of valoir, to be strong, be worth, from Latin val re; see wal- in Indo-European roots.]
From the Free Dictionary

In a previous entry I started to use the word values. I decided to strike it because of the way the word has morphed from a noun to a moral weapon. Alrighty then, everybody pull up a pew, the Rev. P.P. is gonna preach from the pulpit. He is gonna bring down fire and brimstone through a sermon like rant. Not really. I value respect for individual’s rights to their opinions and beliefs. So, rather than tell anyone else how they should feel or act, I think I will put the Rev away for now, and tell you how I feel. I’m going with definition number two of values here. I also stated in a previous post that I would not edit myself. Well, I guess I lied. I have edited myself. I have deleted a post. Look, its okay for me to make myself a human speed bump under this bus I call a blog, but I can’t throw other people under it. So I deleted an entry. I posted my picture here. I am not ashamed of whom I am or the fact that I post, surf and some might say troll this site. I don’t have any right to bring members of my family into my posts. If somebody they knew saw my post and connected them with me. That would be wrong to have crap that I post affect an opinion or relationship about someone else. Particularly, someone I love or care about. While I am on the subject, I do really value this website. I get so much out of it. There is so much cool stuff that I don’t have to pay for. I get to read about people’s lives, thoughts and feelings in their blogs. I very seldom leave any comments, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten some kind of vicarious little thrill out of reading them. Please everybody, keep them coming, I think it’s great. The magazine has some interesting stuff as well. Some of the articles are kinda cool. The advice column is great. Not so much for the advice, but some of the questions are a fucking hoot. Some of the answers are pretty funny as well. I get to see pictures of thousands of very beautiful people, that’s always a great thing. I haven’t tried the chat rooms yet, maybe I fear too many people would put me on their ignore list. If you come to this site to hook up, great, happy hunting, I wish you all the luck in the world. I’m sure that is the reason most us of signed up. At this point, if I never meet anyone through AdultFriendFinder, it’s not important, there is so much more going on here. Damn, I’m rambling. I just got home from work a couple of hours ago and my mind feels like something that has shrunk up into, say, a dried apricot. You know, matter that is slightly similar to what it once was, but has really become entirely different. Yeah, but what’s going on in your life? Life’s pretty okay. I’ve got a few things going on. I’m in a casual relationship with a very beautiful woman, no plans, no strings just pleasure in each other. I’ve been on my job a little over a week, and now they want to promote me. Yea. I’ve got a singer songwriter who wants me to write arrangements for her. I’ve got a band that wants me to produce their demo. We’ll see. What it really looks like I am going to do is move to the White Mountains in Arizona and open an internet café. I think that would be the most satisfying. Hell, I’m shot out. I’ll catch up to you all later.

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