Song fragment  

doneinforever 57M
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8/5/2006 10:51 am
Song fragment

I love writing here because I can put anything.
Here is a fragment of a song idea. Think a little folksy. Think Irish folk song.

I’ve got everything I need
I’ve got water, air and food
I’ve got shelter, warmth
A great attitude

Everything for living
All I need it’s true
But I’m really incomplete
‘Cos I ain’t got you

I’ve got my old guitar
So I can bang out a tune
I’ve got time on my hands
To howl at the moon

No one breathing down my neck
One of the lucky few
But there’s something missing
‘Cos I ain’t got you

I can wander where I want
In my old worn boots
I can roam a long way
Get away from my roots

Nothing holding me back
Nothing I can’t do
But it’s all kinda empty
‘Cos I ain’t got you

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