about last night  

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8/28/2005 12:48 pm

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about last night

this is a re-post about the unfolding of last night... not sure if the other went through or not...

anyhow i talked to her this morning and she appologized about last night... i had known her sister was going to be in town so i half expected last night to fall through... anyhow she ended up spending most the night with her sister who had been having some issues...

by the time she had checked her messages it was very late so she felt it best not to call me and wake me...

it will be a long week this week and most likely nothing will be going on until next weekend... we will have to see though... money is a bit tight at the moment and payday is not until friday... and being the type of person that i am... if i invite someone out with me if am the one that pays

just going to take it easy this week with alot of work... maybe give her a ring on tuesday or something... keep you all posted

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