Sex ...the old fashioned way, it was really hard work !!  

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8/28/2006 2:52 pm

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Sex ...the old fashioned way, it was really hard work !!

It dawned on me a few days ago, that in the age of computers ..Instant messaging ...web cams and cell phones... how much time it used to take to get good pussy laying in front of me.

Yes, remember in High School it seemed that pussy was everywhere and we actually worked the gals and shook their trees on the way to school in the morning, during class, between class, on the way home from school and usually after school.

This is a lot of work, but for a 15-18 year old kid (who is usually unemployed) the time invested paid off with Sue, Monica, Sally and Debbie. I remember that most guys in my high school took the time to ask out a girl a week before a party and as much as three weeks before a dance.

Wow. Oh that was a lot of planning to get into the wet and tight pussy of the young coed he was working on. Remember that?

Today the sexually driven world is built on instant gratification. You either place an ad on a website, find an ad on a website or use your IM program(s) to find a willing sex partner.

Let me use an example of this phenomenon. I have an ad here online and participate fully in the site. I was looking for a partner in Phoenix arizona, since I will be there for several days over the next few months, and why not find someone to fuck and enjoy while they fuck me and enjoy. It is building a bridge between the two cites or at least between two sexually active happens to be me.

Online,and after ten minutes of research it was clear that only a few websites could be used. Going ahead and placing my ad in one of the local sites,within 1 day I received 14 replies for the ad that read...

"Bored and Visiting" SBM seeks SWF / SAF

Of the fourteen replies, several were spam bot trying to phish for email addresses, this was based on the way the responses were written (perhaps I really screwed up by deleting those and could have had more options)..

Of the eight that seemed like they were decent enough and ready to move forward... two were school teachers and wanted long term relationships with someone who would be local for them and they were not interested in me coming over three times a month ....

Wow, six women to meet in phoenix....actually three are on the radar. Two of the Three have not only sent me nice erotic photos, but have called me to let me know how they sound when they cum ....which is a great sign. The other one is spending a day with me at the races. Since she is involved in the lifestyle and loves swinging ..she did not have to do anything else except be open and honest with me.

Well, it seems like work also...but not as much as dinner, movies and spending a lot of time wasted .... what do you think?WLA Swingers

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