Big Dicks ... really how big....  

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7/23/2006 12:27 pm

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Big Dicks ... really how big....

Last night while sitting with a few friends, there were six of us, 3 guys and three gals, the conversation came up about Dick sizes.

Of course, many men know exactly how big their cocks are, from either;
a.) measuring it themselves
b.) having a friend measure it (usually a willing girlfriend has been used for that task)

c.) guessing, based on photos of other'mens cocks.

Now, to let you know about my cock size. Before we get started it seems my irish anscestry has dominant genes, the "White Man's Curse" is what we will call it .... laying flacid at a tad over 4" ...of course let's round it up to 5" ...

In it's erect state my "Johnson" has been measured at 7.25", also it has been measured at 6.50" ... and one gal (I think she was really too drunk) gave me the best compliment when she measured from my stem at the balls and gave me 9"

The conversation kept moving from the origins of measuring a man's "manhood" to the competitions that must have begun from measuring.

CaveMan 1: " My Cock is so big"
CaveMan 2: "You think your cock us big, you should see mine"
Caveman 1: "No, I dont really want to see yours, you must be a fag wanting to show it to me"
Caveman 2: "Of course I am not a fag, but I will bet you two wool coats that mine is bigger"
Caveman 1: "Make it two coats and your sister"
Caveman 2: "Shake on it"

While browsing the interent thismornng, it seemed that many people <--okay men, feel that dick size is very important. They have web sites on Dick sizes, articles, personal web photos and lastly the viagara ads...

One blogger ...smigit ..said this ...

It is very common knowledge that men tend to overstimate their powess and add an extra few inches to their artillery. However it’s become ever more apparent to me that there is deception comming from the other side as well. Call it what you will but there appears that while guys lieing about size is common knowledge, girls too lie about their mens size (hence the title btw) but people never really call girls on such lies and they certainly dont have a reputation for doing it.

This all occured to me while readon the FHM Confessioals recently. For those that haven’t read this site I will save you the effort. Basically it’s a section on FHM where girls go and confess to things, crushes and the likes. However after reading the page it became blatantly clear to me that either:

Women have no perception on size (or reality).
Women are liars.
Somehow dozens of women, no fewer than 50%, have actually met guys with ginormous inched toffee apples.
Now when I say “ginormous” the exact size turns out to be 12 inches (in some cases 10 which is still out there). Yes, when the size is mentioned in most cases it was 12 inches. Now this amused me somewhat since the average is actually around 6 according to various sources I read as a younger chap and apparently the largest on record was maybe 10 - 11 although that was a story and no scientific proof remains. To put 12 inches in perspective its equivalent to 30.5 cm. That sounds like alot but just to aid you heres some photos of 30.5cm. I duno about you but I sure as hell couldnt take that whole like some girls claim and if I had a vagina I really doubt I’d be sitting on that one without getting some cramps. Anyway, heres the images and I must appologise for this crude post but it needed saying. So when the next time a girl remarks on how guys always lie about it at least you can refer to this. And last time I checked trousers only had room for 2 legs.

It caught my eye, so I must have laughed and thought about the craziness that happens whne you get a horny gal and a real studly guy ... the perception of size fuzzy.

Also the jokes ...

Women don't care how big your dick is. They would, but they're too busy worrying about the size of their tits.

Then we had the "Dick Society"

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The evening ended up like many have, we played around for a couple of more hours and then went our separate ways... it dawned on me, which of the women last night measured mine?

_pinkie_ 55F
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10/13/2006 6:38 pm

lmaooooooooo @ the cavemen!

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