My God!!!!!!!!  

don303 42M
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8/14/2006 5:34 pm
My God!!!!!!!!

Has anyone ever just taken the time to read the absolute nonsense in the chat rooms here? I do it on occasion just to view the human condition. At any given time there are so many men in these rooms trying so desperately to get the attention of maybe one or two women who happen to be in there. Then generally the women are not exactly the attractive type but come off like they are so above getting together with anyone. It's all very entertaining. It gets even more enjoyable when you can put a picture to the handle used. Half of these people would be shuned by society for their looks if they ever went out in public, but I think they are shut ins and don't really have the right people skills if you get my drift. Personally I think fat girls suck the best cock, they suck it like they are hungry.

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