Ten aphrodisiacs that really work  

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11/13/2005 2:15 pm

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Ten aphrodisiacs that really work

So I was reading this article from Forbes magazine and they list "ten aphrodisiacs that really work".

• Barry White tunes
While I'm not a huge fan of Barry White, I know that "I can't get enough of your love babe". This guy can certainly set the mood.

• A few stiff drinks
Now how can you go wrong with a few drinks . I'm no lush, but can certainly hold my alcohol.

• A dozen oysters
Hrmmm... never was a big fan oysters, but how else you gonna make a pearl necklace. lol

• Promises, promises
Sweet little nothings in your ear... hehe

• A little skin
This one's a no brainer

• Manolo Blahniks
Who doesn't love a sexy pair of pumps

• Backrubs
I'm good at these...

• Perfume
Mmmmm... nothing better than sexy purfume. Scrumptious

• Money
"Makes that coochie go woo woo"... I'm no Donald Trump, but no cheap-skate either.

• A diamond engagement ring
Well... we'll have to see about this one.

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