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New Toy

" What's that" asked yohanna. James simled at her. This box contains the most amazing vibrator ever. girl i'm about to break u off" Yohanna kissed his forehead and he grabbed her butt. he pulled her closer to him and started kissing her lower belly. yohanna moaned in pleasure. she felt a rush run through her body as his lips touched her skin. he pulled down her miniskirt and rubbed her clit with 2 fingers. she began to moan. he pulled down her thong. he could smell her. her sweet smell. it was making him crazy.he had to taste her. James picked her up and set her on the table. he pushed his fingers in her tight pussy he was working around in there. she fit his so perfectly. the tightness the depth. as he fingered her pussy he thought of their first time. he virgin pussy never been touched never been licked. he remembered her moans and screams as he took her cherry. he remebers how she came over and over. he loved making yohanna cum. yohanna was moaning. and he though she was wet enough. he rubbed his fingers across her lips and kissed her mouth. she licked her juices off of his fingers. he went down on her he started to lick her clit. he slid his fingers in her cunt and and searched for her g spot. yohanna's hips instinctly began to grind. when he hit her g spot her moans became screams as she came. as he listened he felt his cock throbbing. he took out his long thick cuban cock and slid it in yohanna's hot wet tight dominican pussy. he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. he pulled her close. and kissed her while her fucked her pussy. he didn't want to cum in her so he pulled her off. she had a disappointed look on her face. he carried her from the kitchen to the bed room. he pulled out the vibrator and slid it in her pussy. he turned it on and let it go to work. he started licking her clit. sucking it. he listened to her cum over and over. as each orgasm began he sucked her clit into his mouth. she would sscream wih pleasure. he fucked her pussy with the vibrator. harder and harder. she came so hard that she passed ou for a while. james continued to eat her pussy. she was awakend to another extreme orgasm. he pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. he slid his cock back into her pussy. he fucked her til she was screaming out his name. " Ay Papi, mmmmmmm fuck me fuck me fuck my pussy with that cock yea" she moaned. the harder he fucked her the louder he screamed. he pulled out mid orgasm and got her up on her hands and knees. he didn't care if he came in her anymore. " damn girl, ur gunna have my baby", he whispered as he slid his cock back in. he put his hands on her hips and started pounding. her screams started up again. he was pounding and pounding. she started fucking him back. moving with his rhythm. " ay papi mmm yea yea " yohanna moaned. she was ready to cum again. it was building up in her. she knew it was gunna be huge. his cock started to pulsate and his balls were hitting her clit with each stroke. she started to work her muscles as she fucked him back. the movements were making him crazy. James blew a huge load into yohannas pussy. she felt it and came on the spot. the orgasm was ongoing. she collaped and he did too. James' cock wass stil hard. he heard yohana still moaning as her orgasm continued.yohanna not being selfish went down on james. she licked the headof his cock. it jumped. she took helf his cock in. she began working up and down his big cock. sucking it and licking it. he moaned. james looked at her clit. it was red and very sensitive.he saw her juices were still running down her thigh. he had her straddle his face as she continued to suck his cock. she deep throated him. over and over. she held hiscock to the back of her throat attempting to swallow every inch of it. she came again as he was licking her clean giving him more work to do.she sucked the tip of tip cock like it was a straw. it began to throb she knew he was gunna cum again so she deep thoated him taking in every inch as he began to cum. he came again down her throat. she pulled up keeping her teeth off the tip. she licked it clean as he got soft. sht got off of him and laid down next to him. both worn out. they went to sleep.

The End


7/29/2005 10:10 am

Outstanding story! luv it. You have a very good imagination and sense of style. Write more.

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