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4/2/2006 7:59 pm

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Hello.....How is everyone? I am doing ok. Medical problems. But I will be ok.
Well lets see. I am still here. Moving very soon. The anticipation is getting stronger. I am looking soo forward to being there.
There are days that I am very down and I think that my world is falling apart all around me. Those are the days that I really need a shoulder to cry on and there is no one there for me. It seems that my friends are not around. They are too busy for me. But that is to be expected. I know this. But it would be nice if they were around when You need them. I hate when they tell You that they will call You back then they don't. Something else or someone else more important happened to come around or call them up. It seems that they ignore Your phone calls and messages. It feels like that You get kicked in the ass the more You help them out. You do soo much for them and it seems that they do a lot for others and it seems that they forget about You. You are the one who gets hurt all the time. Your feelings keep getting destroyed. You wonder if You want to keep on giving and keep getting hurt. How much can a person take?

Oh well, You keep on moving. You keep on giving of yourself because that is who you are. That is your genetic makeup. You wouldn't want it any other way. The ones who hurt You will realize that they had hurt You soo bad when it is too late. You will be long gone from their life then it will be too late. They will wish that You were back with them and that they can redo all the bad that they have done to You. They will realize all the good You have done for them and what a very good person You are and that they should not of taken You for granted.

These are just my thoughts for today. I have been in these sittuations before. I am a survivor. I have grown stronger because of the people who have hurt me. I am still a giver. I will always be. Yes my feelings still get hurt and people still promise to call me when they don't. It is frustrating. But that is them. They will learn. I just hope that they appreciate all the things I do for them. Some I know do others I am not too sure of.

Oh well such is life. Enjoy Your day!!!! Hope everything goes well in all Your endeavours. Keep smiling...Do something kind for a total stranger....It will make You very happy inside.

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