the Fact of Japanese Oral Sex Monster/God Folklore  

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12/26/2005 7:50 am

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the Fact of Japanese Oral Sex Monster/God Folklore

Silent Night, Horny Night...

This is the picture of Japanese oral sex monster, originally many people afraid of... but nowadays, people worship him in some area (for sexual power)..
As you can see, he has red face, and very long nose, and known to be very tall (consider 500 years ago, Japanese was very short, at most 5 foot in general)

This is the story/folklore told for many years...
This monster usually appeared near ocean, and assaulted the woman, (and occationally men too) so people was afraid of him. He used that long nose to please woman, and once assulted by him, that woman never go back to husband.. (or some case, his nose caused badly injury)

This is my theory.
Think back 500 years ago, country was isolated from export/import, but there might be drifting ship with caucasians (red face seems to be over exposured skin) on the board (Obviously he was hungry for food and woman). At that time, people in Japan was basically vegitalian therefore penis size was way too small compared with caucasian that time.. (Probably long/big nose indicated penis size) And probably, oral sex wasn't common at that time.

Yes, there is always true story behind the folklore. and this is proof people were kinky since long long time ago

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