Wink + Honest Reply = Real Sex  

doit4joy 59M
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12/3/2005 6:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wink + Honest Reply = Real Sex

Whenever I received Wink, I always write something with general introduction with some picture (for standard member)

One day, I received Wink from very young black lady (20 year younger than me). Naturally I checked her profile, and found that she is looking for women for 1-on-1 sex...
Well, I could ignore her, but anyone can make mistake... so I decided to write as following

"Hello Young Lady
I understand you're looking for lady,
unfortunately I am men, therefore I can not satisfy your needs, I guess you clicked somewhere by accident, be careful from now on. Have a nice day.."

Three days later,she replied me saying she wanted to chat with me so We chat for an hour or so (asked for my penis size etc..), final word she asked me was "Bring condoms, my address is... telephone number is...., at 8 o'clock"

Yes, it sounds very kinky, also sounds very dangerous, and suspicious... but I couldn't refuse. Shortly after I went to her home (finished one cup of coffee...), we were in the bed naked together, had a good time. Next time I go, she will invite her girl friend and I will have challenge on first FMF 3-som...

It's too good to be true, since everybody here seems to look for PenPals, but this was happened last night...

happydaddy1966 50M
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12/10/2005 2:05 am

hello dit4joy im a married male living in mississauga who thinks he's got what you need and me im really good and like to please.

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