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doit4joy 59M
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6/6/2006 1:09 pm
Manner on E-mail

I really don't know something happened recently, I start receiving all kind of E-mail, and sadly enugh, most of them are from male. (By the way, I have nothing against same sex marriage, and I may get into Bi-Sexual world..)

The lady whom I met last week expressed her honest feeling about this site (and she left from this site after only one week as member. She only met me during that week)
She said she received at least 20 E-mail from guys, some of them are sweet, some of them are just junk mail..

I have similar opinion.
1) Those E-mail less than 10 words (I want to xxxx you, your xxxx looks so good) has no chance to get any reply.
2) Those E-mail has other E-mail address or pointing to different site, I become very suspicious, so I don't want to get involved.
3) Those E-mail which doesn't include any point, any concrete idea, I will have hard to figure out what to say.
4) Those doesn't have introduction, and whose profile is totally doesn't mean any thing (all section said "Prefer not to say"), I can not reply.

Point I try to make is as long as I feel comfortable, I will reply one by one.
(I don't use those handy Quick Reply thing.. I personally think those who use this Quick Reply should be sent back to elementary school or charm school) I always accept Network if someone requested... it doesn't harm me anyway.

One incident happened, the guy keep sending me E-mail (all capital letter, which is hard to read) and he got into day dream, as if I promised him to meet him... I kept telling him "I prefer pussy than hands, than man's mouth, than man's anal", but he just couldn't understand that..
Too bad, I kick him out.

Let's have good E-mail practice which has very healthy manner.

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