Is penis Grotesque?  

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2/21/2006 9:35 am

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Is penis Grotesque?

Someone said that majority of ladies feel grotesque on men's penis.... whm... that's totally different from men.

I was reading/browsing through Medical book which contains only picture of healthy/normal pussies (mainly just close-up photo, but some are opened vagina for examination purpose). Since I am not a doctor, I don't read article, so just browsing through the picture...
Well, after seeing so many, I start feeling yes, it is kind of grotesque, but... I don't get bored at all. Each one is somehow different and if I look too close, I feel like I am going to jump into the opening.. (By the way, I'd rather see through panties than see directly since I love to use imagination what it look like, feel like, smell like...)

Back to the story of how woman feels on penis..
Probably penis is grotesque, especially when it is soft condition, covered with foreskin, because no part of woman body has that kind of shape, but at the same time, I think... penis must be somehow strange, but interesting object for woman and there must be some degree of curiosity in unconscious level. (Look at i-Pod, it is wonderful designed product, but.. it has similar shape as penis... and almost every product ladies use, has common shape, round top)

Those ladies, who feel offensive, please don't look... Please have sex only in dark.
Regardless what ladies feel, men is proud of his members more or less. and that's the reason, I switched back my profile picture to original cumming picture.

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