Does the size matter? (Penis)  

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12/7/2005 10:22 pm

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Does the size matter? (Penis)

This is the classic question almost every men has, probably from stone age time...

Amazingly enough, there are many kind of penis enlargement pills available, even in Canada where the Federal Health Department has much more pickier than FDA in USA.

Well, my friend, who has kind of tiny one, decided to take 3 month supply of world #1 seller pill, which is very expensive when it's compared with any vitamin pills in the same store.
After one month, he claimed it became chabbier/thicker.... Let'me see.... mmmmmm????... I didn't notice anything different. (No we're not in that kind of relationship, we are member of the same sport club/gym and we only meet once in a while..) But I noticed his face seemed to be swollen a bit recently, so I asked him to measure blood pressure, (our gym has those cheap $100 class equipment) and we found his blooad pressure was reaching border level... Well, I don't know the relation,,,, but that's bad sign...
I knew a lot of unknown hyper tention is caused by those supplement, including unknown vitamins too.

I'd rather have natural healthy body with small one than big one with almost dead body. Think about this way.... The same is true for breast on ladies, I mean... although I am very crazy about breast and nipples, I prefer natural (size doesn't matter) than implant/fake big one.
Also think about how many percentage of life time, men use his equipment, probably less than 1% of entire life time utilize penis for sexual purpose, and often used in dark room..

My conclusion is.... if standard size condom doesn't come off while performing hard intercourse, the size is more than fine....

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