Definition of Fooling around and Cheating Wife....  

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12/15/2005 7:59 am

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Definition of Fooling around and Cheating Wife....

I am not Lawyer nor priest, in fact, I am just small scientist... so please don't beleive what I said here.

It is very natural for men to look nice looking ladies (in my case, I look legs, then bum then breasts) and start using his imagination. Is this activity considered to be cheating wife? Probably not...

It is also very natural for men to look all kind of porno movies/sex site on internet and masturbating (again using imagination), probably this is not considered to be cheating wife either..

It is also very natural to hug friend, co-worker when there is a full of joy. (I play mixed doubles tennis often, and whenever we win the battle, we hug each other)

Well, in strict sense, all of the above may be bad... but ladies, please understand men is not robot. So what is really considered to be cheating wife...

My final answer is, (after I spent a couple sleepless night)

As long as I keep satisfying my wife in all aspects (I've never said "No" and maintaining four to five times a week level sex a week, keep romantic atomosphere all the time), and as long as ejaculation occurs out side the vagina, I would say it's not cheating. I consider this to be extreme skin ship. In the other words, Cumming inside vagina is only allowed between the married couple or singles/detouched. (So if I use condom, I considered to be OK)

Also I declare as 'married' here honestly. If I say something else (single, separate etc..), that is considered as cheating too since that denies existance of my wife.

NOTE: By the way, the picture shown is robot made by Honda (auto maker) and his/her name is Asimo.

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