Lunch With a Sexy Lady  

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7/9/2006 12:56 pm

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Lunch With a Sexy Lady

You contacted me about having lunch one day, and I said sure, why not. With that in mind, you told me to meet you at this park you had discovered just a week earlier. When I arrived there around noontime, you were sitting in your car like you had told me. We exchanged hugs, a quick kiss, and then proceeded down the trail to a field that was rather secluded, and private. We spread out a blanket, put the food bags down, and then you looked at me said that we are going to lye there having lunch totally naked. Well who am I to argue with a sexy looking lady, so we removed all of our clothing and sat down upon the blanket for our lunchtime meal. I have to admit that being there with you, naked and all was not an easy thing to do but I had agreed to do that. There was one little thing to it all. I was not allowed to even touch you in a sexually manner at all. Was I shocked? You better believe that I was, but being a nice guy, I said alright, and so we ate lunch, then just lied back and enjoyed the warm sunshine. I could see that things between us were getting a bit warm, as I could see your chest rising on occasion more than normal, and you were starting to get a bit fidgety. I thought that perhaps were giving in or feeling a bit excited. I sat and wondered. Soon you were into the cooler and took out a small container that I was not able to see into. When you removed the top, and took out something that was red and juicy looking, I realized you had brought strawberries. Now things were about to get interesting. You took that strawberry, brought it to your lips, and sucked the juices into your mouth followed by that red berry. Oh my god I thought you are going to start teasing me. No doubt you could see something starting to rise up, and the look in your eyes told me what you really wanted. You then took another one, and brought it to my lips, and in turn I took it into my mouth, followed by your fingers which I then sucked the juice off of. The look in your eyes and I knew you were getting turned on as well, so I took a strawberry, put it into my mouth, and brought my lips to yours so that you could take a bite of it as well. When you did, the juice shot out in our mouths and our lips met in a rather passionate kiss so we just embraced one another. Our bodies pressed together. Your breasts pressed into my chest. Mmmmmm this felt so wonderful. We broke off the kiss, and I then pushed you back onto the ground, hovered over your body and lowered myself down upon your body. You could feel my hard cock pressed against your body, as our lips met together. You had your hands on my back running up and down my skin, down my back side, sliding across my buns. Soft moans escaped our mouths, as our lips, and our tongues were in a wonderful kiss. When we broke it off, I leaned back, looking down your skin, the drops of sweat on your skin, so I leaned down, running my tongue across your breasts, taking your hard nipples into my mouth, sucking them one at a time. The hardness of them felt so wonderful. I then slid my hand down your stomach, over the thin line of hair covering your muff, down over your swollen clit and across your pussy. The wetness of you down there, told me how turned on you was. I then slid a finger into your pussy, filling you as far as I was able to, and the moaning by now was getting louder and more frequent. I began to slowly slide my finger in and out of your pussy, fucking you slow and deeper. The moans escaping your mouth were getting more and more, and before long, you yelled out and told me that you were cumming. I could feel you get even wetter. You looked into my eyes and told me that you wanted me so badly. As I looked into your eyes, you took hold of my very hard cock, and slid it into the entrance to your pussy. Slowly I slid it into your body, filling you up deeper. Slow deep strokes I make, watching the look on your face and your eyes. You grabbed hold of my ass and started to push me harder into you. I picked up the pace and was fucking you pretty hard and faster now. Soon you yelled out and were cumming again all over my cock. This in turn got the best of me, and my body tensed, and then I was yelling to you that I was cumming…… felt my cum shoot into your pussy, then just collapsed onto your body. We then lied there, holding onto one another. It was not long that we then cleaned up our mess, got dressed again and knew it was time to head on home. We kissed one another again, and said our good byes to each other. What was going to be a nice naked lunch, well it turned out to be even better. It was a wonderful day with one very sexy lady.


7/10/2006 3:18 am

Now thats an enjoyable picnic...Nothing like a hot warm lunch

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