Love on the Beach  

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7/16/2006 11:27 am

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Love on the Beach

It was a warm summer night; you and I were sitting in our room relaxing and snuggling with each other. A typical night for the two of us. You, looked over at me and suggested that we head to the beach in the morning and make it just the two of us. No kids in tow at all. I agreed and we told them that they will be home alone so that mommy and I can have some time together, and alone. The next day I am putting things into the car, while you are getting yourself dressed and ready. When you walked out I notice you are wearing this sexy new red bikini top. Wooow, I said, but were also wearing a skirt as well. You told me not to peak and said the best is yet to come. I finished packing, we said bye to the kids and took off for the beach. We had discovered this private area and wanted to check it out one day so we headed for it. Upon arriving there we noticed that yes it was very private and no one else was around nor to be seen. I was able to drive up pretty close to the beach, so we parked and brought our things down to the sand. It was the prettiest sand we have seen in ages; the water was so blue and just inviting. Next thing I know is you take me by the arm, wrap yours around me and embrace me with a passionate kiss on the lips. Mmmmm I said, and return that kiss back to you. Things were starting to get a bit warm by that point. You told me that you had a surprise for me and stood back, undoing your skirt and letting it fall to the ground. The look in my eyes when you stood there in what I call one very sexy bikini for sure. You modeled it for me, turning around, asking what I felt about it. I love it I told you. There you stood in an outfit that revealed your lovely perfect natural breasts. The bottoms did cover, and not quite a thong, but they did leave more skin than you are accustomed to. You told me that I earned it and that you are proud to be my wife. We lied down on the blanket and you rolled over asking me to put lotion on your back side. I obliged and was rubbing the oil into your skin, admiring your body, and starting to get aroused. You did notice this and gave me a wink. As I was putting oil on your legs, you spread them apart somewhat, and I took this as a clue that you wanted me to touch you. I ran the oil along your inner thighs, and just brushed across your now starting to get damp bottoms. A soft sigh you let you but still wanting that sun. I finished your backside, making sure I have your buns well coated as this was the first time they would get this much sun in a long time. I had you turn over, and started to rub the oil onto your front. Coating your legs, and then your stomach. I made sure that your breasts were nice and oiled as well. I had to stand back and the site before me was heaven. There you were lying all covered in oil, looking so slicked up, that I had to take a few pics of you. I think this started to turn you on some more, but still no mention. We just lied there for awhile getting some nice sun, a dip or two in the ocean. Finally I could not stand it anymore, we were still alone, and so I reached over and started to kiss you on the mouth. The sensual kiss between us, the warmth of the day, and soon things were getting heated up. I slid my hand around, and removing your top, I started to caress your breasts the way you like me to. Soft moans were coming from your mouth by now and I could tell you were well turned on. I bent down, taking your nipple into my mouth, teasing it, feeling it grow harder and harder. As I did so, I slid my hand down your body, across your bottoms, and noticing that you are getting wetter and wetter. You asked me to remove them, and as I did, I noticed you watching me all the time. Kissing along your legs and inner thighs, I managed to make my way up your legs. Reaching the tops of them, I placed a kiss upon your moist lips, running my tongue over your now hard clit. A louder moan you let out, and soon I had you cumming to a wonderful orgasm. You tell me that felt so good, and ask me to make love to you there on the beach. Kneeling up, I remove my bottoms and you reach out, taking my hard cock in your hands stroking it some, and then tell me that you want me. As I climb on top of you, you reach down and guide me into your body. Filling you up, I take slow gentle strokes in and out of you. By now you are well into it, moaning louder, my fingers as I rub them across your clit, kissing you on the lips, our tongues darting back and forth on each other. Soon your body shudders and you let out a yell and are cumming all over me. Feeling this, I look deep into your eyes, and then tell you that I can not hold back any longer. You tell me to fill you up, and at that, I arch my back and explode by shooting myself deep into your body. You can feel me as I cum in you setting off another orgasm. We then lye there, kissing each other, looking into each others eyes. You then suggest that we go into the water to clean up. Seeing as no one was around, we just stand up, and take our naked bodies into the water. Cleaning each other up, kissing once again. I look into your eyes and say; this has been the most perfect day in ages. Thank you for this, and I hope we can do this again perhaps some other day. It is late, so we just watch as the sun fades across the sky, and just sit there watching the day turn to night before we head back home to the kids, and reality. Was a great day for sure.

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7/16/2006 1:54 pm

Whew!!! Where's my fan!

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

doingitright_44 replies on 7/20/2006 3:55 pm:
I gather you liked.


7/16/2006 4:59 pm

now that was sooooooooo sexy..I must cool off in the pool now.. wonderful writing and what a lucky lady

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doingitright_44 replies on 7/20/2006 3:55 pm:
So tell me, did you get to cool off in that pool or what? Am glad you like what I write.

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