After the sweet arousement....  

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1/6/2006 4:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

After the sweet arousement....

So, I joined the site today and got all excited about the prospects right away ! After having looked around at the women in here for a while I found it wise to update the initial profile in hope of that it could actually lead to something. I then wanted to check out the competion and browsed with filter set to 'man seeking woman' in order to find my own listing. Only then I realised that the list of gold and silver members is endless... By using the 'browse' function it shows 906 women and more than 46 THOUSAND men! That is a ratio of 51 to 1, and immediately put out any hope that some other memeber(s) would initite contact - EVER.
So what can one do ? Well, the only free feature in here seem to be blogging. So here it is, my first post on AdultFriendFinder. My only hope is that this blog will pop up in a list of MostRecentBlogs, RegionalBlogs or something, or the shear presence of the blog link on my listing could spawn some interrest. It's all in the details....

To get real, I guess I will have to pay up the AdultFriendFinder fee. So finally my question to you that may still be reading this posting is; "Is it worth it ?"

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