First Blog ever....  

doctorbill2001 65M
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5/30/2006 5:18 pm

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First Blog ever....

So...this is blog is basically a journal, only one that others can view and those that view, at least in my case, do it with anonimity. What occurs to me is how damn fortunate I actually am!
I'm finding these sexy sites addicting and that
bothers me a little. But I can keep the upper hand here. What makes me so fortunate (yes...back to that) is my love life. I've got this amazing GF who loves me and loves to please me. While there are indeed boundaries, I'm lately surprised at how liberal those boundaries are. She asks, "what would really turn you on that we haven't already done?" With reluctance,
I look up to find an answer that she can handle
if I'm totally honest. That's the big thing with me right now...being totally honest. I've screwed
up other long-term relationships by being less than totally honest. My life must remain integrity-based in all things...ESPECIALLY relationships...ESPECIALLY with hmmmmm...we'll call her SHIRLY GOODVIBES for now. So, before I
tailor an answer to her query, she reminds me that any answer is fine, she might not necessarily comply, but she'll hear it out. Okay, then..."Baby, our lovemaking is so good,so complete and uninhibited...there's trust and experimentation,we both love 69 and we've already discussed exploring the anal thing...the only thing I can think of is adding another person to the 'equation'." Before the sentence is even completed, she replies, "It can't be another woman." I ponder that for a beat or two, "Well, that'd be fine with me, I guess...
then I 'spose it'd be with another man, then?"
She gives me this look like 'what dumb-assed rock did you just crawl out from under?' Earlier in our realtionship, I disclosed to her in my
honesty obsession that I have a thing for feminine crossdressers and transvestites. Oddly, she doesn't find this to be a threatening thing and is conductive to us having such a fantasy played out. The only same-sex experience I ever had, and it was only once, was with a 't-girl'. So...Shirley, bless her heart, and I may indulge soon along those lines. The search is on...there are already 'soft feelers' out there for the right person, if there is such a person. The coolest thing is...even if she hadn't pryed that out of me...I'm certain that I'd still feel entirely fortunate to have 'Shirley' in my life. She has an amazing capacity to love. It's my
task to recieve that special love honorably.

menopausemember 51F
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7/7/2006 7:47 pm

u really do just have to be honest u no this already it isn't hard to do
u just have to do honest.

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