why i'm here (and where i'm comin' from...)  

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5/30/2005 5:20 pm

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why i'm here (and where i'm comin' from...)

I'm a freak, no two ways about it-and it's tough being a freak in today's everchanging moral climate. It's even harder in the the Black community, where machismo runs rampant and the women have been so mistreated they figure they might as well try to get what they can. So I've come to AdultFriendFinder to round up the people like me so we can have a covert little network of hookups and companions that can fraternize openly about wants & needs and hopefully take care of each other from time to time. The jury's still out on if this is a realistic goal, but I figure: what the hell? (never hurts to try)

One of the biggest problems in this country right now is our attitude toward sex and sensuality-it's used to sell and market almost every product under the sun yet its still deified and shunned by those who disapprove. I think the biggest problem with sex in this country is it isn't taught---as scary as that might sound to a parent, just reflect back on how long it took you to learn what your body liked, what it took to get you off and how many times your partner missed the target? And frankly, I think a LOT of the people who tell us what we do is "wrong" are folks who could never do it "right".
If women were allowed to express their sexuality as confidently as men without society's backlash, we'd all be too busy fucking to create many of the problems we have right now.

(Guess you can tell by now I was raised by women-this is a subject I will touch on quite a bit in the future)
Well, that's all the high-falutin' highbrow philosophy for now...next time join me when I reveal why I luv eatin' pussy so much.

the doc

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