Small State - Big Heart  

docdirk 47M
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4/23/2006 1:18 pm

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4/25/2006 4:53 am

Small State - Big Heart

While Connecticut may not scream "Excitement," (OK... it doesn't) one can still find a little fun in these parts. Especially when sharing those moments with special people. Luckily, last night was such a night, and I was the lucky one.

OK, so they did do their best to get me lost in my home state, and I wasn't able to make it in time for the earlier festivities. But when I finally did arrive, I found that the second CT Meet & Greet was again, an absolutely wonderful experience.

A little karaoke, a few drinks, some great conversation, a lot of laughs and even a few boobie shots!!! Some of you I had met before. Others I had only known through blogs. But no matter how much or little I knew going in, I felt as though I had known you all for years. I couldn't imagine a better time, or a better group of people with whom to share the night. You are all special people: Funny, talented, crazy, intelligent and hotter 'n hell. Thanks for allowing me to join in!

Will the following people step forward and take your bows:


Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

NSAAddict 42F

4/23/2006 1:36 pm

Rand Mc'Nally reporting for duty sir Sorry you got lost, next time I'll draw you a step by step map... on the list, promise ! Very sweet post and the sentiment rings true for me to, we have a great group of bloggers in CT and I'm honored to call them friends online and off. Three cheers to you Doc, for the incredible renditions of Something to Believe in and Wanted Dead or Alive... very impressive! Had an excellent time (yes even the me having to sing part) and already looking forward to M&G part III, I've just passed the organizing hat to pragmaticCTcpl so we'll be hearing from them when the time is right for the CT bloggers to once again party like it's 1999

docdirk replies on 4/23/2006 9:31 pm:
So, you admit to intentionally trying to get me lost, eh???

Next time, you sing solo! After all, you do not want to lose another bet!!!

WildWon1982 34M

4/23/2006 2:01 pm

Yay, party like it's 7 years ago! Iraqi threats, Y2K, and presidential blowjobs!

Fun times had by all, sad that two of our number didn't make it. Hopefully, they'll at least get to see the pics.

docdirk replies on 4/23/2006 9:31 pm:
Ah yes, the pics. Today, A.F.F. tomorrow, "Cops!"

MWWwantsmore 51F

4/23/2006 2:07 pm

Very sweet post Doc, honored to be called your friend as well as everyone else who was there last night. Even after that parting comment you said to me as I left

docdirk replies on 4/23/2006 9:32 pm:
Damn! I talk so freakin much, and you choose to listen to that one little line! God, I can't suck enough!!!

pragmaticCTcpl 61M/50F

4/23/2006 2:08 pm was our pleasure to finally meet you last night, as it was to meet everyone else. We truly had a wonderful time.

You definitely WOW'd everyone with your karaoke renditions last night, and now, Mrs. Prag wants to do a duet with you, next time..! {=}

We just got the organizational responsibilities from the Foundation, shoved down our throats, for the next M&G..!

Our preliminary ideas on this would be to hold it at Mohegan Sun...and have everyone meet at ONE location, and go from there..! (No maps, necessary)

Let's see we start with meeting for drinks at one of the casino bars (once maps required) and ....dinner.....drinks.....clubbing.....drinks......karaoke......drinks.......maybe see if we can get a room for 12....."can you push 3 or 4 King-sized beds together..?".....a few games of spin-the-bottle (after we empty the bottles)....pillow-fights.....more boobie shots & pictures.....and maybe, a wee hours skinny-dipping party in the river...! (whew!)

We are honored to be fellow bloggers and friends...with you, and everyone else.

docdirk replies on 4/23/2006 9:34 pm:
Doc would be honored to duet with Mrs Prag anywhere, anytime!!!

BTW, I'd be up for the Sun! Practically my back yard. Even I can't egt lost getting there!!!

PS - If you're set on the Sun and need some suggestions, lemme know. I'm there quite often.

kyplowboy22 61M

4/23/2006 2:28 pm

So ahhhh, when you get to go on these lil furloughs, do they send an escort with you? Ready at anytime with the thorazine? Or have you convinced them that you are 'all better now'? lol Later


docdirk replies on 4/23/2006 9:36 pm:
Armed guards and ankle bracelets. That, and a small round of meds every 30 minutes, and I'm good to go. With written consent form the governor, that is!!!

champagnechaser 41F
1639 posts
4/23/2006 3:21 pm

Could have been worse, you could have killed a ferret!

You most definitely rocked on the mic!

docdirk replies on 4/23/2006 9:37 pm:
That's so odd - I had ferret for dinner!!!

I feel as though I must confess... I lip-synched the whole friggin thing!!!!


4/23/2006 3:30 pm

Damn the MO bloggers need to load up our hillbilly truck and head to CT! I didn't realize y'all had that er "talent in one state! pant pant!

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

docdirk replies on 4/23/2006 9:38 pm:
You are more than welcome to Nutmeg land anytime, MO. Mi casa es su casa!!!

mycin62 54F

4/23/2006 8:19 pm

You rock man!!! I was truly impressed with your singing, of course that's not saying much, since I suck at it!!

Everyone was awesome, I can't wait to do it again. Mr & Mrs Prag are thinking of the Sun. Should be fun!!

I'm honored to be call you and all the other bloggers friend!!

Damn, I love that bald head{=}

docdirk replies on 4/23/2006 9:38 pm:
And my bald head loves you right back!!!!

jadedbabe78 105F

4/23/2006 9:54 pm

You mean to tell me I just moved to a smaller state and it has more bloggers than the pity poor state I was in???

docdirk replies on 4/24/2006 7:21 pm:
Why, yes, as a matter of fact. Hmmm, last time I checked, you have now officially joined the ranks. I'll bet there's room at the Inn on our next outing!

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
1435 posts
4/24/2006 10:11 am

Sounds like a lot of fun.
CT may be a small state..but seems you folks have your act together.
Enjoyed reading about your outing.



docdirk replies on 4/24/2006 7:25 pm:
Thanks, Kiss. We do find ways to entertain ourselves here in our itty bitty little burb! Of course, here in CT, one does need to MAKE their own fun!

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