Party Etiquette  

docdirk 47M
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7/8/2006 10:32 pm

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7/9/2006 9:04 pm

Party Etiquette

When attending a gathering - such as a party or picnic - always be the last person to leave. That way, any leftovers are yours for the taking. Especially when the hosts of said gathering will be leaving for vacation in the morning and unable to keep food in the house.

I'd write more about the CT Blogger's Picnic... but I'm too busy inhaling a large bowl of champagnechaser's chicken veggie salad - Thanks CC!!!!

I'll add more about the actual festivities tomorrow... or in 5 pounds... whichever comes first!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

mycin62 54F

7/8/2006 10:40 pm

Details, I want DETAILS!!! I'm SOOOOOO bumming I missed it. I hope you all had a drink for me!!

docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 8:50 pm:
As for the details - check the police blogs in your local paper. As for you - you were missed, and we hope to see you next time!!


7/9/2006 2:52 am

I need a road trip.. and munchies

under the stars
We choose to write
you choose what you comprehend.
read twice and be nice
every key stroke... has a heart beat

docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 8:52 pm:
All road (trips) lead to Connecticut. We'll even supply the pizza and twinkies for the munchies!!!!

libgemOH 56M/52F

7/9/2006 5:30 am

I know! You head up this way, pick up Huny on the way and the 3 of us will pick up Cin!! Big time road trip!!! WOOO HOOOO! -B

docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 8:52 pm:
Hang on a sec... you must have forgotten - the Doc makes it a foursome!!! (In my freakin dreams!!!)

MWWwantmore 51F

7/9/2006 5:30 am

Well you were the last to get there!

I'll have a cafe, mocha, vodka, valium latte to go please!

Good girls go to heaven.....bad girls go down!!

docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 8:53 pm:
Well... as usual... I blame the bad directions!!!

champagnechaser 41F
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7/9/2006 5:39 am

Glad you liked

docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 8:53 pm:
I can't respond with my mouth full!


7/9/2006 5:49 am

Now I'm hungry! Got anything for me to eat?

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 8:54 pm:
MO - I gots whatever you wants!!!!

Kaliedascope61 41M
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7/9/2006 6:06 am

So I says to CC, "don't forget the chicken salad"

CC says "nah it had flies on, doc will eat it"

docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 8:55 pm:
Flies? Dammit - you said they were raisins!!!!

BTW - I left all the onions on a platter for you on the picnic table!!!

pragmaticCTcpl 61M/50F

7/9/2006 7:13 am

    Quoting Kaliedascope61:
    So I says to CC, "don't forget the chicken salad"

    CC says "nah it had flies on, doc will eat it"


docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 8:56 pm:
I knew it... you guys were in cahoots!!!!

longhairman0013 46M
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7/9/2006 3:02 pm

im jealous too... i think id like champagnechaser's... salad =)

btw i make good empanadas (hinthint)

docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 8:59 pm:
You should be jealous... Kalie's got himself a real homemaker there!!!

duststormdiva 51F
6854 posts
7/9/2006 6:31 pm

That's awesome, it would be cool to have a bloggers meet around here.


docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 9:00 pm:
Forget THERE... Cum HERE!!!

NSAAddict 42F

7/9/2006 8:24 pm

Glad you got the leftover grub Doc, I agree the salad was excellent! Now... [post 420417], vote for us baby and CC might even toss your salad

docdirk replies on 7/9/2006 9:02 pm:
Toss my salad??? Reminds me of the good ole days at Somers!

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