Our long national nightmare ends...  

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10/8/2005 10:31 pm

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4/18/2007 7:30 pm

Our long national nightmare ends...

...I've started my own blog!

(Pause, waiting for celebrations to simmer down.)

Wow, a blog. On a site that just by being here screams; "I need to get laid!!!"

That's OK. I do. But then again, who doesn't? I'm one of those mid-30's guys that used to be cool. You know, if a 1980's heavy metal band came around on tour, I was there and have the T-shirt to prove it. I used to have a lot of sex with older (usually married) women as I worked in one food-service job or another. (Thankfully, one can learn a lot from older, married women!) I used to spend my weekends going out with my buds to various bars listening to various bands, trying to hook up with various chicks, but was usually too shy/drunk/designated driver to land anything.

Now that ALL of my friends have either married, had children, moved out-of-state, sold their party souls for mortgages or all of the above; I find myself alone. No one to just have some FUN with. Wanna stay in and watch a movie? OK. Wanna go to the nearest club and feel the vibes of a live band? Cool. Wanna walk on the beach and listen to the ocean and watch the stars blaze across the midnight sky? Count me in. Wanna get naughty in the back row of the theatre when the lights go out? I'm your guy.

There's not much I'm unwilling to at least listen to. (You may need to explain it twice.) The only things I'm not into are other guys and dance clubs. No techno/hip-hop/disco/strobe-light/two-step/get funky dance shit. I'm a rock n' roll bleedin from the heart guy. No offense intended to those who aren't. To each their own. But I still believe that it is just as OK to DISlike something as it is to like it. I happen to DISlike all of the above music.

So, I'm in Connecticut, I love sports, and I love to kiss every inch of a woman's sweaty body, focusing on the areas she points out. Foreplay is God's gift to mankind, and teasing is the triple layer chocolate dessert. YOU should come first and often. Handjobs are a forgotten art, but the tongue does have some magic of its own. I will NOT speak nasty until when/if you want, at which time my vocabulary either expands or diminishes greatly, depending on your viewpoint. Hard sex is fine, but roughness on a lady is not. I'll pull hair if you want, all the while wishing I had some to offer in return. I've never role-played or lived out any fantasies. 'Bout time I did - only with your permission.

Anyway, I spend a great deal of time searching out (mostly) soft-core porn on the web. I'm a guy. We do that. How about you ladies? Where does internet porn fit into your lives?

Just a question that's been on my mind as of late.

Too many words for JJ, time to go.

If you've made it this far: What's wrong with U???

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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4/18/2007 6:13 pm

lmao..'If you've made it this far: What's wrong with U???'<<< you make me laugh...and that's a good thing.

Luv n stuff, Susie...

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