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docaustin 46M
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2/10/2005 8:15 pm

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Austin Texas and more places

Hey all. This is my first blog, so bear with me. I wanted to say that it's been difficult meeting the right people on AdultFriendFinder. I've been learning how this whole thing works. It's hard to determine whether I'm supposed to be a gentleman or a dog.

I try to be myself, which is polite, but that doesn't seem to get the attention of the people that I think are compatible with me.

So anyway. I am enjoying meeting new people and getting to know them. It's exciting with the people that I have met.

What is everyone's thoughts?


sportyfun56 106M

2/10/2005 11:03 pm

yes this AdultFriendFinder "life" is full of the "hmmm, wasn't that interesting...Oh well"
It does always confound me why the gals that seem to be most compatible with me on the surface don't seem to "bite". And the ones that come out of the blue show much more interest.

But with all that, I have met some fabulous folks here and looking forward to meeting more.

btw... have you checked out the "Austin & Vicinty" Groups? They move a bit slow but will occasionally surprise you.

good luck and see ya around,

barry050 37M

2/17/2005 9:48 pm

What amuses me the most is when you "see" that they have looked at your profile, and you email them and get nothing back. I did on the last one thought, she said she was blushing when she got my "saw you peaking" email. She (being 2 actually really enjoyed me being very very blunt and to the point about what I wanted. She said it was very refreshing (havent met yet, but I bet its coming). I don't think anyone on AdultFriendFinder has any misconceptions about what its for, except maybe UTkatie, but that doesn't mean you have to be a pig about it.

Heres my nickel, can I have some change?

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