in through the out door  

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11/11/2005 10:29 am

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in through the out door

I am a flirt, I flirt with all types of lafies, I have been flirting with an older woman she asked me out, I feel a little strange about do this, but its only going for a walk can that hurt? I just do not know, she is a very nice lady and I really do not see us having a relationship and I am not sure we could have a sexual relationship, she is like 10 years older than me maybe in her early 50's?

It has been a long time since the last time I had sex, I am worried that I will not say no, I do not feel right about it with this lady although she has a great body for her age. just dont seem right . still wanted to meet someone that is near my own age or maybe younger, she would need to love sex, I love to make my lover feel that she is all I am thinking about, when we are in bed she is all I am thinking about and I want her to know this by the way I make love to her, I will try to make her need met before mine, by doing that it turns me on and when I know that I am making her cum, that is just the biggest high, I have had women try to fake it, its just not the same, if your a guy that makes love to his partner, you kow when they fake it, some times you just do not want to let them know you know, the last two lovers I have had did not fake it, the secound to last woman was the best lover I have had, but she was getting married to someone else. she did get married and we still talked for a long time, we talked about how we enjoyed our love making, she told me she wished she was near me so we could make love again, she moved to canada, the last woman that I made love to that did no fake it was my wife, but its been so long since we have made love that I alomost forget what it is like.

I just feel like I am going in through the out door, life has its funny little test, mine are always the ones I do not want to take.

help me pass this one!

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