Have you ever?  

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8/27/2006 4:48 pm
Have you ever?

Have you ever had a sexual experience that you wished you could recapture? I know I have had a few, and some of them I still remember fondly after many years. Of course I hope to have many more in the future too, but I remember one that was especially good.

I was about 28 or 29 and I had a girlfriend who was 19, she traveled with me on business for almost a year, and we always had a great time. One night after a long day on the road, we stopped in a small town East of Denver, Colorado, and I was exhausted, so I went straight to bed. I do not know how long it was before she came to bed, but I remember that we had been arguing earlier that day and she had stayed up for a while, I had fallen asleep thinking that I would not be getting any that night. When she got into bed she said "hold me" and I took her in my arms, a few minutes later I was going down on her, and as I sucked her very wet pussy she would arch her back over and over again, she never said anything, just little moans and grinding motions as I sucked her clit, and fingered her pussy and ass.
I do not kow how long that went on, but she said later that it was at least two hours, when I finally started to fuck her we moved together in slow motion, changing positions without me ever pulling out of her, and in the end she rode my cock until I thought I would die from the pleasure, then she turned and sucked me off, drinking up all of my cum like it was teh last water in the desert.

We broke up a few months later, but to this day I think of her fondly, I hope she thinks about me too sometimes.

Tell me has this happened to any of you? Ladies would you think of a man years later, and yet never do anything about it? If you would like to chat e mail me at d.m.platt@ sbc glo bal dot net ( ladies only and no trannys are not ladies )

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