Clairty, yes. That is what my last post needed.  

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10/8/2005 1:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Clairty, yes. That is what my last post needed.

I was so very tired when I posted last. I really wasn't clear, was I?

What I would like advice on has to do with my previous posts. What are the women I am meeting, and communicating with, suddenly dropping me like a bad habit? I dislike pretense so I am always myself and hide nothing. For my part, I felt that I had a good repoir with these ladies and we spoke of many things before I did not hear from them again.

Is just being myself a littel intimidating to these ladies? Am I scaring them off by shear force of personality? I find that hard to believe. I have been described as shy, quiet and reserved. Most people I work with say I am a mystery to them. Perhaps therein lies the problem.

Granted. I never had face to face meetings with these women. I am not Fabio, but I am also to Elephant Man, either. I don't think it is my appearence.

Just today, I received a nice e mail from a very, very attractive woman that I had sent a message to on this site. I really do not want to mess this one up if things go further. I am totally clueless as what to do in order to find someone and be happy, even it is for a little while.

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