On meeting people.  

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3/29/2005 8:55 am

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On meeting people.

I've been told that meeting people is easy. Just put yourself out there. How does that translate to the internet? Keeping oneself 'out there' takes up a significant amount of time. And time seems to be the rarest of commodities these days. Our electronic selves, or digital selves, if you prefer, tend to be distortions.

First distortion, limitation. Once you try to describe yourself, you will contradict yourself. Most people have most qualities at times. Most people think of me as a nice and trustworthy guy. There are those who have reason to disagree. And I'm sure they're both right. So the most honest person would have to concede that they are only describing a mood or facet of their personality.

Second distortion, exaggeration. This both supports and contrasts itself from the previous point. To say you are honest is a bit of hyperbole. But 'I'm honest most of the time' would scare people. So perhaps people don't really want honesty, it's just normal to ask for it. I'll go on about honesty at another time.

Third distortion, marketing. How we sell ourselves (and that's what we do when we try to meet strangers) is probably essential to our success. But salesmanship equals bullshit. For instance, I could write about my prowess in the bedroom. Of course, that phraseology probably makes me seem too stiff (an admitted poor choice of words) to perform at that level. But I'm not going to write 'if you want an average time, write me', am I?

I'm sure that there are many more, so wherein is the solution? I have no idea. I'm too hung up on rationalizing why someone would want to meet me. It's not a lack of confidence. I like me fine, but, it does seem arrogant to assume you will. So, I hear that meeting people is easy.

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