AFF Asked Me 4A Detailed Fantasy 4 My Profile Bet they didn't expect this...  

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AFF Asked Me 4A Detailed Fantasy 4 My Profile Bet they didn't expect this...

Originally posted 2/16

It's 3 a.m. and everyone is retiring to their cabin
for the night. I go out to the Lido deck to catch a full moon
and have a smoke in the moonlight, but it seems to be hiding
under what little clouds that hang in the sky. But the stars
more than make up 4 it, twinkling in incredible numbers.
I'm a little bummed because some guy was being a total
schlub with lines, and managed to move in on a lady I had dancing
with for a good part of the night. I go to the very edge of the
deck and peer down over the rail. My insignificance apparent,
I light my smoke. Lady starlight seems 2 B asking 4 a song.
After a quick look around, I begin, "Sheets an empty
canvas..." By the end of the song, I’m giving it all
I have, straining my lungs and voice, but I don't care.
Now done and expecting silence, I'm startled by someone
clapping from under a stairwell. "That was really
good, was there someone you were singing that about?"
she, (whoever she, was} inquires.
"Yes and no, I guess"
Coming towards me now I recognize her from the ship's
nightclub as a girl I hadn't quite worked up the nerve
to talk 2 before the girl I had lost had asked me to buy her
a drink.
"How's that, work?", she asks, finishing
with "that's a yes or no question."
The words stumble out of me. "I hadn't realized
the ship was taking a census." In my head I'm kicking
myself, thinking "You idiot, what the fuck do you
mean census? Just B yourself, relax."
She turns to walk away, "I'm sorry, I hadn't
realized I was a bother. I'll just..."
"No." I say, my voice louder than I'd wanted.
"No, please stay."
As she turns around the moon blesses me with 2 seconds of
it radiance, and I'm overwhelmed. "Her face
is prettier than I'd thought, " I tell myself.
"Lips like Scarlett Johansson."
"To tell the truth, it's about a little girl I
never had. A daddy's girl that tuned into pipe dream
because of my own choices."
"Oh...I...I don't know what 2 say, " she
"Nothing that could ever B put into words could say
it" I reply, my eyes now looking deeply into hers.
“What you're saying is...needs to B..., " but
she can't find the time 2 finish before our lips lock,
our bodies seemingly melting into each others.
The kiss is simply phenomenal. Teasing each other, we nip
lightly at each other as we momentarily separate.
But Destiny brings our lips together again, both of seemingly
sucking in just enough air, neither of us using excessive
tongue. But this kiss is definitely more passionate. I
know this because this one has both of us are peeling away
layers of clothing, indifferent to the cold air, our lips
never leaving their embrace.
Now naked, the moon clears its cloudy pen, and stares down
upon her, allowing me to see her fully. Her body seems to
be glowing, as the little hairs all over body stand out from
her perfect skin.
"Please, I need it now, I don't know if I'll
ever feel this way again." Her request is a melody
I repeat in my head to this day . Delude
I try to turn her around, figuring the most logical position
was her leaning over the rails.
"No, " she commands. "Come here."
were the final words she spoke on that night, a demand I was
not going to deny. Using my thigh as a boost, she kicks away
from me and leaps on to the top of the rail. She quickly reaches
down and grabs my cock and pulls me into her. I swear I feel
droplets of dew landing onto my feet as she places the head
up against her delicate lips. I realize the drops are hers
as I push just enough in to satisfy her need. We both freeze,
fiercely staring at each other. I try to start off slow,
but she'll have none of that. Not releasing her grip
of the rail, she pounces down on to me, filling herself with
what's left of my manhood. We both know what needs to
B done, and almost immediately she's back against
the rail. Sturdying herself with her feet on one the lower
rungs, she seemingly disconnects her upper amd lower halves.
Her wonderfully crazed face smiling into the moonlight,
as her lower half somehow pivots and slams against my pubic
bones, while her lips grab and pull at my cock with every
"I can't last long at this pace." I tell
myself, wondering what I can do to prolong this 4 her.
Fortunately, at this point, I realize what she's doing
with her golden trophy of a pussy. Every time she slams against
me, my dick pivots up, and I recognize that she's not
in this to impress me with her stamina either.
"I keep hitting her G spot, " I think 2 myself.
"and I'm not entirely in her. Bracing myself
with a nearby lounge chair and the bottom rung of the rail,
I start. With every inward stroke I push up hard. She quickly
realizes what I'm doing, and a look that could possibly
be described as fear crosses her face, but she doesn't
stop. Piston and pinion we attack each other, all signs
of sensuality gone now. We are fucking, We are fucking and
fucking hard. She cums first, her body quivering to start.
But those quivers quickly turn into jerking fits as she
hits the high point of her orgasm. Not stopping, I let her
enjoy it for the moment, but I'm close too. Almost spent
now, she leans back over the top rail as I reach my orgasm.
But with no strength left, and having let go of the rail,
she starts 2 fall back towards the open ocean. I realize
as I reach my orgasm that my dick is the only thing holding
her onto the boat, but I can't let go of the chair because
that's what's anchoring me. The orgasm sweeps
into me and all I want now is to fill her. I want 2 B as deep as
could ever be in a woman. So I thrust up. As if awakened out
of a daydream she gathers herself and brings herself back
onto the boat, alive again. And again I see that look of fear.
But I don't care, safe now, I let her have it, looking
4 anyway to get deeper inside of her. That's when I felt
it, out of nowhere, she's cumming again, and this time
she’s brought the tide with her. Time after time she squirts
out of her cum filled pussy, drenching the immediate area
around us. I've seen it before, only not in this quantity.
I now recognize those fearful looks from before.
"This is her first time, " I tell myself, before
we both collapse onto the wooden floor, completely spent.
We lay there for what certainly more than a couple of minutes,
catching our breath.
Trying to break the silence, I say, "Ya know, I couldn't
even hold a tennis ball right now."
Before I have a chance 2 reprimand myself 4 saying such a
stupid thing, I hear a man's voice from the nearest
"How about a drink brother, U think U could hold that?"
I quickly look over and see that same stupid fuck from the
club, and he's with a buddy. Obviously things didn't
work out for him tonight.
"U fuckin' idiot, " I scream, not caring
how many of them there are. "That's twice now
you've fucked up my night, " comes out of my mouth.I
turn 2 my lover, trying to explain that what I'd just
said had nothing to do with what we'd just experienced.
But by now she'd gathered her clothes and had turned
2 leave.
"Wait, " I said. "Please give me a chance
2 explain or I'll carry the the burden of having stuck
my foot in my mouth forever."
With this, she stops and turns to look at me. The look wasn't
one of anger or embarrassment. If I had to explain it, it
was almost a look that a mother would give her child when
he'd done something 2 make her proud. A look I can only
name, "Awnww."
Then, 4 one last glorifying moment she walks over 2 me and
placed both of those oversized lips on mine. I feel the sensuality
sweep back into us, but lacking the passion it had brought
with it earlier.
One last magical kiss, then she was gone. I gathered my clothes
and got dressed, my head clearing with each second.
As I turn 2 leave, I hear him again, "Yo bro, hey, ,,
sorry, ya know?"
I turn to him while walking away and with the sincerest voice
I could muster, I said. "No bro, thank you. Without
you, ... I'd have probably ended up on the stairs watching

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