almost typical conversation with me  

djmuggy 39M
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10/17/2005 4:46 am

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almost typical conversation with me

djdanceallnight: sorry was getting caught up in some of these posts

sharing my Kytten: which ones

djdanceallnight: oh just surfing through the ones on the home blog page

sharing my Kytten: in synns right now

djdanceallnight: I am ludda is one I was looking at

djdanceallnight: hey I am an honorary staff member in goddessofbitches castle staff

sharing my Kytten: you bitch, im not


sharing my Kytten: not even an honrable mention

sharing my Kytten: dont even get to clean the toilets

djdanceallnight: I am the party planner

sharing my Kytten: get a sppon darlin get a spoon
djdanceallnight: oops
djdanceallnight: shushing now
djdanceallnight: ok
djdanceallnight: I am instituting operation get more comments
sharing my Kytten: lol
djdanceallnight: I am gonna post comments at so many friggen blogs it wont be funny
djdanceallnight: I am gonna shoot for fifteen a day
sharing my Kytten: lol, i think thats how i got most of mine
djdanceallnight: I am gonna start with the popular ones
djdanceallnight: I deserve national spotlight
djdanceallnight: I have read the popular ones
djdanceallnight: I am like a breath of fresh air compared to some of them
sharing my Kytten: im on the poplular list, im on the popular list
sharing my Kytten: neener neener neener
sharing my Kytten: ok so its at the bottome
djdanceallnight: I am a party planner in goddessofbitches castle
sharing my Kytten: of the bottom catagory
sharing my Kytten: so your are a paid help, im an actual guest, so there
sharing my Kytten: im telling
sharing my Kytten: her that you are being an evil lil toad, and she willl sooo kick your ass outta the castle
djdanceallnight: I am not paid tyvm
djdanceallnight: she already said we dont get pay
sharing my Kytten: oh that right, your a slave
djdanceallnight: lol
sharing my Kytten: muahahaha
djdanceallnight: YOU DONT FRIGHTEN ME
sharing my Kytten: she LUVS me, just didnt want me working in the castle
sharing my Kytten: cuzz then i would be toooo busy to play, she wants to take care of me when hubby is not around, read her post in my bitching about hubby post
sharing my Kytten: ha, LP
sharing my Kytten:
djdanceallnight: could I watch?
djdanceallnight: cough cough
djdanceallnight: kd moment
sharing my Kytten: nope, cuzz your a meanie butt
djdanceallnight: sorry
djdanceallnight: A MEANIE BUTT
djdanceallnight: who was bragging about being on the popular list
djdanceallnight: as I believe you said
sharing my Kytten: yeah
djdanceallnight: neaner neaner neaner?
sharing my Kytten: oh gawd, paleeeeeeze if you are going to quote, at least get it right
sharing my Kytten: its NEENER NEENER NEENER
sharing my Kytten: geeeeeeeesh
djdanceallnight: give me time
djdanceallnight: I will rule the blog world
djdanceallnight: then all others will be my pions
sharing my Kytten: spoon
djdanceallnight: an I will grace them with my intellect whenever I choose, so they hang on every word I might say
sharing my Kytten: SPOON!
sharing my Kytten: we are too wierd
sharing my Kytten: i think im going to post this conversation in my blog
djdanceallnight: oh god, my comments are getting good
djdanceallnight: got five down
sharing my Kytten: your a tard darlin.....
djdanceallnight: ty dear
djdanceallnight: and I think you need my permission to post this
sharing my Kytten: i think not
sharing my Kytten: its in my history i can do what i will with it
sharing my Kytten: so there!
djdanceallnight: its in the blogging freedoms right to know act of 1883
sharing my Kytten: well i shall call the in to play the freedom of the comment whores act of 2005
sharing my Kytten: which overtides your puny right to know bullshit
sharing my Kytten: and i have met your right to know, cuzz i informned you
djdanceallnight: yea but they made an ammendment to that act, the shit has hit the fan act ammendment of late 2005
sharing my Kytten: that is in the general writting, i have let you know my intent
djdanceallnight: lmfao
djdanceallnight: dweeb
sharing my Kytten: dweeb.....!?!?!
sharing my Kytten: you sooo did not just call me a dweeb
sharing my Kytten: you twit
djdanceallnight: twit, you didnt need to call me a twit you curmudgeon
sharing my Kytten: fucktard
djdanceallnight: dorkwad
sharing my Kytten: cumbubble
sharing my Kytten: are we really doing this?
djdanceallnight: no
djdanceallnight: doing what
djdanceallnight: I am sitting here quietly
djdanceallnight: not sure what you are doing
sharing my Kytten: dingleberrie
sharing my Kytten: eeeew
sharing my Kytten: you groddy
djdanceallnight: you are a cad
sharing my Kytten: whatever!
djdanceallnight: whatever
djdanceallnight: I do what I want
sharing my Kytten:
djdanceallnight: I run with 12 gangs, and all we do is commit hate crimes
djdanceallnight: whatever
sharing my Kytten: twelve gangs of umpa lumpas
sharing my Kytten: which are very scary, i admit, but only to me, cuzz im the sick wierdo who has wierd ass sex dreams about being tagged teamed by umpa lumpas, and was NOT a pleasnat expiernce
djdanceallnight: whoa
sharing my Kytten: and i have now hit the YOU CANT TYPE stage
sharing my Kytten: oh if you didnt know that, then you are a turd and sooooooo have not read my blogs
djdanceallnight: I have read your blogs
sharing my Kytten: minus my umpa lumpa dream blog
djdanceallnight: but it is 3:30 in the morning
sharing my Kytten: i see
djdanceallnight: I am slow
sharing my Kytten: is not
djdanceallnight: yea
sharing my Kytten: its 3:19 you whinning tit
djdanceallnight: i round up
djdanceallnight: dont make me pull out the T word
sharing my Kytten: no whinning for another 11 minutes
sharing my Kytten: oh you dooo and im soooooo shaving your head when you get here
sharing my Kytten: n your sleep
djdanceallnight: which one?
djdanceallnight: ewwww
djdanceallnight: ewww
djdanceallnight: stupid response
sharing my Kytten: if that is really a question i am soooo not going to ever know
djdanceallnight: why would you shave the other head, that would hurt
sharing my Kytten: cuzz EEEEEW
sharing my Kytten: what do you have like that dog thing going on, where it hides under FUR?????
sharing my Kytten: holy hell
djdanceallnight: ewwwww
djdanceallnight: furry head
sharing my Kytten: we shall call him lipstick
sharing my Kytten: omg could you imagine us really posting this conversation.....i think we would lose as many readers as gain
djdanceallnight: I will post it
sharing my Kytten: oh really now, ummmmm
djdanceallnight: posting it now
sharing my Kytten: brings up the right to know act of 1886
sharing my Kytten: higher pwer my ass, you should see the mother board hubby put in this thing today, i dont think there is a higher power
djdanceallnight: anything I can do to help, thats what I am here for
djdanceallnight: lol
djdanceallnight: there is, its called ALIEN WARE
sharing my Kytten: lmfao
djdanceallnight: ooooo get horny just thinking about those babies
sharing my Kytten: you are a strange bird darlin
djdanceallnight: what those computers are beyond amazing
sharing my Kytten: you are one of those men who can be in the middle of a sentance and see something shiny and forget what you were saying huh?
djdanceallnight: I dont get that easily distracted
sharing my Kytten: ok shiny and makes noise
djdanceallnight: sorry saw boobies and wasnt payin attention. what was being said?
sharing my Kytten: oy
djdanceallnight: lol was joking
djdanceallnight: god I am almost commented out
djdanceallnight: I dont know how many I have left
djdanceallnight: ok
djdanceallnight: here is the last comment I posted
djdanceallnight: I just let my rashes clear up on their own, no one else need know about them.
djdanceallnight: take it as you will
sharing my Kytten: what? i so dont want to know
sharing my Kytten: shhhh im commenting in someonesl blog
djdanceallnight: I am posting our convo
djdanceallnight: I deleted parts
djdanceallnight: one little button push
djdanceallnight: and it is posted
djdanceallnight: going
djdanceallnight: going
sharing my Kytten: wait
sharing my Kytten: what exactly is it?
djdanceallnight: I started it where we are being silly
sharing my Kytten: go ahead, steal my ideas you whore
djdanceallnight: the neener neener part
sharing my Kytten: no really its kinda funny go ahead

anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

10/17/2005 1:17 pm

We are soooooooo TARDED. i can't believe you actually stole my idea....WHORE!!!!

and Thor....WTF is RME????

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

10/18/2005 9:01 am

LOL...I am SOOOOOOOOO glad I became a fact...I don't know what to guys talkin about me AGAIN...

YOu guys just can't get enough of me can you? LOL

Alrright......two for each of you...


Always The Bitch

anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

10/19/2005 1:13 am

~giggles~ hehe shhh dj, our plot woked, we both get spankins..weeeehaw...shhhhh

djmuggy 39M

10/19/2005 3:50 am

shhhhhh. you cant give it away, it wont work the next time.

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