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3/9/2005 11:52 am

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Sex Stories

Sex in Our Favorite Restaurant

I invite you to meet me at a restaurant for a little fun on Friday night. When you arrive you see my truck already in the parking lot so you go inside and look for me. You notice that the restaurant is dimly lit as you see me at a table a bit off to itself. As you join me I stand and kiss you on the cheek.

I have the first round of drinks already waiting at our table and I toast you as we sip them, warming up inside. As we chat you feel my hands roam around your bare inner thigh under the table where we can’t be seen because of the long table clothes. As I move my hand higher I can feel that your panties are damp from my teasing. I tell you to go to the restroom, take off your panties and bring them back to me. You disappear, and then return, blushing a bit and as you sit next to me you tuck your thong into my jeans pocket. I smile, lean over and kiss you as you feel my hand between your legs again. I spread your legs a bit and lightly circle my fingers over your wet clit and pussy lips. You let out a light gasp and place one hand on my bulge. Just as I slowly slide one finger into you the waiter returns and I calmly order more drinks for us and tell him we need a few more minutes to decide, while he pretends he doesn’t notice you squirming a little in your seat. As he walks away I remove my finger and taste it, also sharing with you. Your hot juices taste incredible and turn us both on even more. My hand moves back to you and one finger enters you and my thumb teases your hard clit. You are softly moaning and breathing heavily when the drinks arrive so I order for both of us. After the waiter leaves you whisper that you are going to cum and I tell you to follow me.

I stand and walk towards the restroom and you follow. I look around, take your hand and we duck into the men’s room where I lock the door behind us. We attack each other in lust as our lips and tongues explore each other’s. You drop to your knees and open my jeans to release my rock hard cock, kissing the head and running your hands up and down the shaft. Then you stand. I push you back against the door and lift your right leg moving our torsos together and rubbing my cock over your wet entrance. Then I slide my full length into you forcefully and you let out a loud moan, which you try to bury in my shoulder. I hold you against the door and fuck you as you press your gasping mouth on my chest to try and muffle the sounds of your pleasure. As I feel my own cum starting to build I feel your pussy contract and tremble as your body tenses in orgasm, your face buried in my chest with the muffled sounds of gasps, cries and moans. Your entire body trembles as I thrust into you, finally cumming myself and barely able to hold us both up. Our lips find each other with me still inside of you as our orgasms subside.

Slowly we straighten our clothes and know that we need to get back to our table. As we sneak out of the restroom, we can’t help but notice the eyes on us and the smiles of others in the restaurant. We sit down as our food arrives and I tell you that was only round one for the evening and that you had better eat your dinner for strength, once again feeling my hand inside of your thighs…

wyhooter 72M

9/6/2005 10:02 am

One of the hottest stories I have read. Got me so hot and horny just from reading it.

Red_Dog58 56F

11/8/2005 12:27 am

Great story! It was hot and sexy.

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