Great Sex with Who?  

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7/11/2006 8:56 am

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7/25/2006 5:47 am

Great Sex with Who?

I've been on vacation but I need to write about what happened one evening last week. I had great sex with my wife, of all people.

I took the week of 4th of July off to spend with the family and we had a great time. One evening, the kids went out with their Aunt and Uncle and left us alone. My first thought of course was to have sex with my wife. She was game for a quickie before we went out as long as we could take our time later.

We kissed deeply and passionately as our hands roamed all over and we undressed each other. I was already hard when her hand grabbed my cock. Her pussy was really hot and wet when my hand got there. There wasn't a lot of foreplay, being a quickie.

She bent over in front of me and leaned on the bed. I stuck my cock between her legs and slid my head over her hot wet lips. She bent over further and pushed her pussy towards me as if to say "Fuck me NOW!". It felt so good as I slid into her warm slippery pussy.

I fucked her hard from behind. She moved from standing on the floor to a more comfortable kneeling position on the edge of the bed. She loves getting it from behind and I like seeing my cock plunge into her. I worked up to a massive explosion of cum into her and I could tell she was close but not quite there. I pulled out and massaged her clit with a couple fingers. That's all it took. She would have fallen off the bed when she came if I didn't hold onto her.

That was a good start to the evening. We both took showers and started getting dressed. Then something hit us and we ended up back in bed. I started licking and sucking her tits, belly and ended up at her pussy. This is my favorite place in the world. I love the taste of pussy. She moaned a little bit then said she wanted some too.

We moved into a 69 with her straddling my face while she sucked and stroked my now rock hard cock. It's terrible to say, but she's never been particularly good at giving head. This time however, it felt great but it was short lived. She got up, turned around to straddle my cock now and jammed it into herself. Wow, she fucked me hard like a wild whore for a short time before screaming as she came again.

After that, she slowed down and continued riding me for a little while before she dismounted and laid next to me on her side facing away from me. I turned to spoon with her and fucked her from behind. She was so worked up and hot, my cock just slid right into place. We fucked on our sides for a little while.

Then I rolled her with me so that she was laying on top of me. That was an easier reach for me to play with her clit. She moaned with appreciation and started driving my cock into her as she came again. This time I was there with her and I exploded again in her pussy.

We laid there for quite a while exhausted, with my hand on her mound and my cock inside of her now dripping, cum soaked pussy.

We realized that we both needed another shower.

rm_tracee63 53F

7/24/2006 11:08 am

well there DJ... the little lady you have directing this little sexual experience sounds like a little hottie. We hope that someday after she finds her sexual peak that you and she will thrive on swinging like my b/f and i have and maybe we can all get to know one another much more intimately. Have a great summer..sounds like the 4th was a Firecracker start for yours.


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