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9/22/2005 11:24 am

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think again


surely we're not so hugely different from animals "just" to carry out the basic functions that they do. I intend to know to what extent can the gregarious nature of humans go..maybe thats why i got interested in this website in the first is time and technology changing the human nature??

november 3 2005
thought it was time to update my log.
what do you say about religion. I've been into it big time at one point of my life, now I don't seem to really relish the idea of calling myself a christian, buddhist, sikh, musklim or a hindu. We've moved into the 21st century, there was a lot that was "unkown" in the olden days, these days it is all being uncovered. Today we know about the underlying priciples of disease, instincts, even probability.
Then why don't all the people gather together to pray and ask God to show himself finally and clearly. Let us know if he's actually there or are these tales simply stories that were fabricated and twisted to take a form of the supernatural. I believe that if God is there, he's not being fair by not revealing himself. I can't believe the TV evangelists or the pundits to try and feel His presence...they're all just playing with people's minds. Hey God, tell me what the heck is going on???
On second thought, if He's not there....I'm just talking to these walls.
To the person who's not interested in all this...excuz me.

SEX....You see everybody is doing it...but not many are talking about it...especially here in India. Keep going guys n girls, but make sure you all use condoms...we don't need more babies in our country...>100 crores...Gosh our degree of fertility is enormous. Man!!! sometimes I feel like our country people can have babies just by thinking about sex.

14th Dec-2005
Hey guys, I'm resigning from my job 2mrw. Makes me feel great. I get a strange pleasure out of doing so. I've been working as a lecturer at a college for the past 4 months. During this time, I came across different kinds of people; the onething common in all of them was that most of the time they are not sad because of any misery in their own life but because of other people's happiness + they r all so worried about making their position secure in the institute that they slander, bitch around over-react to situations like there's no tomorrow.
So I gotta say only one thing to such people...u'll never find happiness and another thing...FUck U all.

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