The Kid From Brooklyn!!!!  

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5/18/2006 7:40 pm
The Kid From Brooklyn!!!!

OMG - if you are having a bad day (or even if you are having a good one) you need to visit this website:

This guy is hilarious!!!!!!!!
Go to Audios and listen to "Bat Day" or "Starbucks" or "Terrorists" . God - he is funny!!!! I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!

Okay and now on a more serious note. Troy and I talked this afternoon about our trysts lately. Yes, he did say "I'm not leaving my wife". He did admit there were still problems there that needed to be dealt with over the long term however he is adamantly committed to his relationship etc., etc. (Question: how committed can you be to a sexless marriage? I mean, one day last week he went into the bathroom 3 times at work to masturbate -- and that is preferable to say, having sex with a woman?) WHAT-EV.....
Anyhow, We agreed to be friends with benefits.(I am up to my frickin ears right now with people who are "friends with benefits"....sigh....) So I am glad that at least, finally now I know where I stand. On the other hand, he dismissed our relationship that ended in Dec. as nothing more than "temporary insanity" on his part. Those weren't his exact words, but it still hurt to hear that. Not to defend him, but I think that could be a defense mechanism on his part justifying his actions because now he feels guilty having a new baby and all....
I am seriously considering becoming a hermit...

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