Sex and love  

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12/27/2005 12:53 am

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Sex and love

Sex is a game. Not a tool in a game, or a weapon in a war. It is a game in and of itself, one that is played by consenting adults. Just like any game it has rules and boundaries. These rules and boundaries are set by those playing the game. For every person, couple, or group these rules and boundaries may be different. Lets take poker for example. You may be playing Texas hold’em, or you might be playing 5 card stud, there are different rules for the different games, but you are still playing poker. Everyone at the table has to agree to the game and the rules of the game before starting. Like any game if you break the rules or go outside the boundaries you are cheating.

Now that we have established that sex is a game, we need to talk about why we play this game. Like any game, you striving to be a winner, but if done right everyone wins. You win by being yourself, getting turned on, and getting off. You also win by living in the moment. Accepting the fact that you are getting turned on, draws you into the moment and getting off is actually the moment. Your mind can not focus on anything else, nor be any ware else at that moment. That’s why it feels so good. Nothing else matters at that moment. At that moment plans do not exist, the past, present, and future are all joined and exist as one. Spiritualists have spent their entire lives looking for ways to live in the moment. Oh yea the most important reason we play games, to have fun!

There is big difference between sex and making love. Making love is the most intimate of energy exchanges. You can make love with someone sitting across the table from them at McDonald’s. People often confuse love and lust. The concept of love at first site, though romantic, is an illusion. Similar to the first time you saw a piece of art, a race car, or what ever, it may move you, but until you spend some time looking at it, studying it, appreciating it you will never grow to love it. You can’t know you love someone the first time you see them. Their appearance may rouse some form of desire with in you (which may cause you to want to spend the time with them), but that is not love. Love is a combination of things. Like trust, friendship, and support. Trust is the first on the list because it is the most important. With out 100% trust you can not truly love anyone. Only after you put the time and energy into someone, can you know if you trust ant therefore love them. Trust is the hardest thing to cultivate and the most fragile. If you are afraid they will cheat on you, leave you, or create some other pain, you do not trust them. Fear is one of the gauges you can look for to asses your level of trust and love. But you must trust and love yourself first before you can see the trust and love you have for someone else. Now don’t get me wrong, you can be making love with someone at the same time you are having sex, but that does not make them same thing, and you can do one with out the other.

Would like to here what you think. Please leave a comment weither you are in agreament or not.

LUCYandherMAN2 45M/45F
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12/31/2005 2:27 am

Very wonderfully stated, and so very true. You have such a great philosophy on life and I absolutely adore everything about you.

Mistress LUCY

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