The Encounter- Chapter One  

discreetluvr2006 47M
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8/3/2006 7:33 am
The Encounter- Chapter One

“That waiter looks familiar” he thought. “Do I know him? Is that a friend of Christy’s? Damn what am I doing here? Is this place going to be cool or not?” The thoughts ran through his head as he quickly sized up the room. Matt had been courting this girl for weeks now, gotten to know her pretty well and just had to see her. He had met her online, on Yahoo. Just a random cold call one day turned out to be the girl he would soon meet for his first encounter. They had exchanged pictures and talked quite extensively, but had never met face to face. This would be the first time. She had insisted on meeting somewhere quiet, for dinner perhaps, but the thought of being in public with a potential mistress scared the hell out him. Then he saw her. “God she is gorgeous” he thought, much better in person than in her pictures. He had always known she had the looks. He almost fell out of his chair the first time he saw her picture. After sending her his, he just knew that was the last he would have heard from her. But she didn’t run. In fact she thought he was very handsome. She had mentioned something about a little thing she had for older guys, although the age difference wasn’t that much. What the hell he had thought. If she was still interested then maybe it might be worth pursuing. Then the chemistry started. The more they chatted, the more he liked her. They had a lot in common, more than a few likes and dislikes. She was a doll. He could tell right away he could grow to like this girl very much, but he was nervous about getting too deep. “What if I fall for her?” He thought. “What if this girl turns out to be the one girl that was meant for me and I just don’t know it?” He was thinking too far ahead, he thought to himself. “It’s just a girl I’m talking to. No more than that. Don’t get too ahead of yourself,” he constantly told himself. “Don’t get too close too soon. You don’t know this girl, and you know you always fall too easy.” He always had. Matt had been known as a big ladies man in school, although for only the fact that he was always dating someone. He hadn’t really had that many one night stands if any. If he had sex with a girl, he usually ended up dating her. He knew how to pick them. He only went for the good ones. The ones everyone wanted. He could always charm their socks off and then go for the kill when the time was right. Problem is, he couldn’t walk away. The sex would always draw him in. He knew how to treat a woman right, and in turn would find he got a lot in return. The sex would always be magical. He always brought the best out of his lovers by showing how he cared through his lips, his hands, and his whole body. This time would be no different. He had waited to see her for so long and now he had found the chance. Sex would come later he thought. But God she was so fucking beautiful. He wanted to rip that dress off of her and bury his face into her crotch right away, but he knew he had to show restraint. “This is a public place dammit! get a hold of yourself” he whispered to himself. At that moment she saw him and her eyes lit up. She was so glad to see him. She glanced around the restaurant and then swiftly walked to his side where she kissed him so slightly right at the top of his neck right below his ear. The one spot he had slipped up and told her about. Chills shot through his body like he hadn’t felt in a long time and he smiled like a Cheshire cat. “Hello” he said. “I am so glad to see you.” With just a whisper, she leaned in close to his ear and said in her sexiest voice, “Hello lover.” He knew it was over. He would have her soon enough, but for now, dinner. With that he turned to the hostess, “We’re ready.”

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7/18/2007 11:43 pm

Well dang baby, where you been all my life? Just what I been looking for, alifetime ago. Seems our drems never do come true, or do they? Not in my lifetime, they haven't?? Nice story babe, may we both live on to find it come true. xoxo judy

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