CAUTION ! ! ! ! ! ! !  

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7/16/2005 3:44 pm

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CAUTION ! ! ! ! ! ! !

We interupt your browsing to bring you this important message. A new study by the CDC has determined that we are to go to a level 4 biological warning stage. It has been determined that the amount of superficiouslyvacanatedly rays that are coming out of America's monitors is causing a rash of meltdowns in the nations economy and the strange connection to all the horses in Texas falling down. It was discovered that horses in Texas were especially susseptible to contracting the disease when ridin by any infected human who may be carring the virul orbitroliciltates. Walking or standing in the close proximity of any equine appears to be none transmittal while only the act of riding seems to spread the sickness. The Texas State Senate has held a special secret session and the outcome is now available to the public. To help prevent the spread of this disease in Texas it has been proposed to do the following.

{* Ride a cowboy and save a horse *}

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