Are women the only NYMPHOMANIACS..???  

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9/5/2005 2:38 pm

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Are women the only NYMPHOMANIACS..???

What is it that when a woman wants to have sex without limits they call her Nymphomaniac, but when a man wants to do it is normal and even expected from his nature? (insert here voice of manly man: “a man has to do it all the time…”

One of the things that I love about sex is when it is done with total abandon of the person and your only goal is to have and give pleasure. When you animal instincts take over you, you will do and feel things that have never thought were possible… believe me….and you know..!!!

Lately I have been looking for that kind of sex, first on my mind (since I have tried to get at home without much success) and more than often, in the real world in webpages like these. My problem is that I really think that I will find that kind of sex more with man that with women.

Since this is sounding very gay, I want to make something clear…I LOVE CUNT…and OVER EVERYTHING…I LOVE TITS, BREASTS, MELONS, I just love them…what I really need now is WILD, UNINHIBITED SEX…and I have received that more from men than from women.

My dream is to find a girl or a couple where she is a wild, sexual beast and he is open to some touching, licking and even fucking in the heat of the action.

The fantasy goes a little that she is the one that breaks the ice by taking my hand and putting it on top of his member while she starts to suck my cock. In that moment, I start moaning and moving my hand up and down his cock, making it bigger, wider, and darker. Very soon pre-come oozes from the top and she smiles while he uses his hand to guide my mouth down. I have no way to stop me, I am beyond thinking, I need sex, I need to feel and make feel, I have to suck him deep and hard.

She wastes no time and rapidly comes to help me with her mouth, teaching me how he likes it, all this without stopping touching herself in preparation for what is to come.

He moans, and gets stiff; she knows what is coming and pulls my head back to share with me his ejaculation. We kiss while sharing his milk and I touch her breasts, and that takes her over the edge, she yells her need for cock and mounts me wildly to fuck herself with my engorged member. He comes and sucks my nipples while he touches her and tells her to fuck me hard and return the favor.

The night keeps going wild and uninhibited. We fuck each other over and over until our bodies ask to sleep and rest.

If you know a couple like that in South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)……let me know…if not….I will keep looking for a wild sex encounter with a man or a woman…

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