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4/7/2005 5:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the newf and i went wild on her..she went wild on us..i never had thought something like this would be so naughty/wrong and yes dirty ,butt wild.
her sucking,moaning screaming f-me you little pricks.
up against the walls, bent in every configuration.the stench of raw potent sex was left in evry part of the place ,the stamina i experienced was amazing.the sex unbeleivable
the newf and i expoded simotaniously him in her ass,me in her i came she swallowed it all slurping/gulping.the dropps gussing from her lips,yet somehow moaning at the same hands holding her hair the orgasm that felt like i was going to just melt backwards into the carpet. the newf and i just looked at each other like what the fuk just happed here and we both then smiled .
looking at the cheap alarm clock by the bed it was 6 o' being new to town and job ..i burst out ..f@#$ i gotta be at work in less than an hour. no problem newf pipes up we'll get you there.we all got dressed quickly and quietly and piled into his truck and he raced me to work.
we arrived at my workplace and my co-workers were loading the 1ton truck..see i was to go to whistler with 2 other workers to install gas fireplaces in a new resort hotel,30 in all and only a 2 hour drive from the bottom of vancouver.
she reahed down and grbbed me through my jeans and started massaging me and gave me a long horny hicky on my kneck,as i felt myself getting hard once again i pulled from her and exited the truck."i would love to stay honey but i can't stay i can't loose this job" and leaned in and grabbed her damp crotch and stuck my head in her breasts ,wriggled my head around ,brought it up and kissed her on the cheek.
newf pipes up and says .."i told ya i would show you what vancouver is really about" and starts laughing loudly,grabbing her thigh and pulls away the door slambing shut as he drives away.
she leans out the window her ass sticking in newfies head area..shouts"thank you ..i loved it kid"he stops to pull into traffic turns and looks at me and grins eavily.sticks his face in her damp crotch wiggles ..turns back and laughs and sped co -workers were just standing there flabbergasted.i grabbed my gear and took all kinds of comments to "what the fuk?"i never said much amazed at myself we piled into the truck and proceeded to pull out into the traffic,they piped up simotanously..holy fuk man you stink. yes i did i could even smell myself but i thought it didn't smell that bad.
a mix of pussy,beer,weed,sweat.a long 2 hour drive. i told them what had happed and they were weirded out/unbeleivable but at the same time saying nice/way to go.
afterworking all day and the drive up was not as bad as the drive home.i did stink.butt what an only regret was i shoulda skipped worked and stayed with newf and this astounding lady. the newf never came back to the rooming house for two days and he claimed to have dropped her at home and went and party'd for a while at a friends place.B.S. i said
two weaks later after loosing his job he flew back to newfoundland.i have never heard from or seen him again. brian if your reading this man,
Thank You..for showing me vancouver .that will never happened ever again.

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