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1/13/2006 6:30 pm

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blog dammit

Been off and gone to the big city and away from my puter for a week, Wish it was on a sexual adventure but alas such is not the case.
So once again I am back to pursue whomever turns up as fair game. Not a bad week seeing as it was a work related adventure, got to see the big city of Reno De Jinero. Stayed at a friends house (And they only live a block away from Suzy's adult super store.) So now it's Friday and I took my pay check and bought a few new toys for my adventures. (That is if and when they ever show up.) I've gotten great responses to my blog and only wish that there were more comments from all you viewers. I know that you are curious as to what new toys I bought, well to tell you I bought wrist and ankle cuffs, very nice leather work and somewhat overpriced but toys is toys and cost is no deterrence for ones pleasure. How do I plan to used these little bondage devices?
I like to tie down my victims and proceed to erotically please them by and any means possible This could be done many ways, I do not subscribe to the marquis De Sade school of pain as reward for getting yourself tied up but rather to try to invent many ways to please my captives. It's rather pleasing and sometimes nerve wracking to whomever winds up in my little web of delight. I love oral sex and taking my helpless victim to the edge of orgasm and stopping then repeating this numerous times until I finally decide to let you have your thrill is one of many ways that your senses are drive to the edge and back again.
I'm glad to be back home and cant wait to hear from all of you.
Dirty Evil 1

croppedgrip 53M

2/1/2006 9:09 am

Well done Dirty Evil for keeping their local economy so bouyant! Buying toys can be fun eh? Making them from "Objet Trouve" (that's your actual French) can be even better?

I like to think of all of those sex addicts who are also keen DIY (the household sort) fans. Especially the ones who aren't very good at it!

I'm sure your sex fun would stop at a power drill with a dildo on the end of it... Or maybe it wouldn't?

StarGoddess11 63F

4/28/2007 10:26 am

Dang, where can I find an adult toy store in Nevada. I wonder if I can use my Wally World Discount to buy some. The challenge is finding a masculine person to utilize them with.

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