king kong and penang - my monday  

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12/27/2005 11:44 am

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king kong and penang - my monday

I really didnt have much to do on monday so when a friend (Rama) called and suggested we could go see a movie to pass time, it sounded like a good idea, we ended up going to AMC to watch King Kong.

I'd never seen the flick in its earlier avatars so this was my first King Kong movie. It's rather long at about 3 hours but I'd say it was a decent movie, not too gr8 but definitely not bad, worth the 7 dollars I spent on the ticket.

There's one particular scene where King Kong fights a few vicious looking dinos to save this chick (she has nice thighs and arse ) that really was engrossing. I'd say more about it but that may spoil it for you incase you'v never seen the movie, so yea! just go watch the movie.

We went in at 1:30 and the movie went on till abt 4:40 pm...dinner time ! So we headed for this malasian restaurent called penang in Chicago's Chinatown. It was very nice, my first time having malasian cuisine, I honestly dont remember the names of the dishes we had (I'll try looking it up and posting it later) but I have to say it was nice and spicy ( hey I'm Indian, I love my food spicy) the good thing was the food was not hot (taste wise) even though it was just right (temprature wise). I liked it. it's a little expensive as the bill + tips came down to abt 16 dollars per person ( each of us had an apetizer entry, and we shared a chicken fried rice and a chicken gravy preparation whose name i just cant recall offhand). Oh and we had jasmine tea too, it's offered as a standard option to all guests there. I'm a tea lover and while the tea wasnt great, it was just wonderful considering the weather.

So that was my monday, how was ur weekend/monday ?

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