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6/14/2006 1:09 am

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Walley wourld

Yes, it's about the prudes at our favorite, well now that they have food, general store. We were having a thunder storm, that dropped 1" in 30 min. and I had to go the 30 miles to town.

When, I got to town I went grocery shopping, then to the eye Dr. Not for a check-up but, to get my glasses repaired. during the time they were fixing my eyes, I took a wizz and busted my zipper. I pulled the slide down to the middle and went up front. when, my glasses were done, I left for Wally World.

I had to pick up dog food, cat food, tp, you know a little of this and a little of that. Anyway, I was getting the things that I needed. When, security came up and told me that I would have to leave. On inquiry as to the reason, I was informed that I was not dressed appropriately. I was wearing shoes, shorts, and a tee shirt. My response was, how? Guess what, my fly was open. I looked down and saw that my pubic hair was showing through my cheep-o boxer and zipper. I told them that my zipper had broke and I had fixed it to the best of my ability. Then, they told me that I had to go home and change into something else. I argued, telling the security officer that I lived in Rancho Tehama. He just kept insisting. Finely, I demanded to see the store manager.

On arrival of the manager, he told his problem with me. Then I told her, my reason for not going home to change and that the only thing showing was my pubes. She looked down and smirked. I don't know, but I think i should have took offense. She told the security gard to go with me to the men's dept. so I can get something. Then, he was to go with me to the dressing room and to the register. I told her that I was not ready to check out. So, she told the security to stay with me until I was ready to check out. I agreed, and wouldn't you know it there was a line at least fifteen people deep at the dressing room. I suggested that we go to the men's room and he agreed. when, we got there, I said that he needed to come in to make for certain that I wasn't stealing anything, as I pointed to the sine on the door. Of course, he protested. I told him that my pubes was his hang up not mine and we could check with the manager. He grumbled and pushed open the door to the men's room. I went in and took off my shorts and for some reason I had to scratch. When, I scratched my winkey came out for air. The security gard winced and said "damn, put that thing back in". I left it breathing and proceeded to take the tags off and check all the seems for loose threads. I also had to burn off a couple of threads; To do so, I had to get my lighter out of the pocket of the shorts I had thrown on the counter, over by the security gard. Then, I put my wallet and belt in and on the new shorts. finely, I put the shorts on, tucked my winkey in, buttoned, and zipped up.

We headed out, but I only had one thing left to get. Just to torture the security gard, I walked up and down every isle, slowly.

I don't know if the security gard having to stay with me was for his punishment, for being dumb, or mine, for showing the pubes, but I made it his punishment. This could have all been avoided if I were shaved. Any volenteers?

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