the great outdoors  

dirty1322 43M
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3/29/2006 7:43 am
the great outdoors

I used to work at a casino and every time I went to get my uniforms there was a pretty little Asian girl who used to give them to me along with a seductive smile.Well finally I got the courage up and asked her to go get some breakfast when she was done with her shift. Breakfast turned into a parking lot grope session and I suggested going to visit a local lakeside park.It was a warm sunny late spring day and so we walked down to the beach it was deserted.Then things really started heating up we started passionately kissing each other and my hand found my way into her jeans and i started to massage her her hand found her way into my pants and she started to slowly work the shaft of now hard cock it was at this point we were interrupted by some people walking down to the beach. Well not to be so easily deterred I then suggested we take a short walk in some secluded woods.There we were going at in the woods we she took her pants off and asked me to take her from behind she bent over a fallen trees the morning sun brightly illuminated her gorgeous ass,I could see her wetness glistening like the dew on the leaves.I entered her if she wasn't so wet it would have been difficult her pussy was tight and when I was in it felt as though it was hungrily grasping my cock. She begged me to fuck her hard and fast and I eagerly did so her juices rolled down my cock on to my balls as I fucked her against that tree. Pure ecstasy sun shining warmly on my back our grunts and groans mixing with the sounds of nature. I pulled my throbbing cock out as I began to come shooting my white hot semen on her ass spilling some on the forest floor I could hear it as it tumbled on to the dead leaves below. there's nothing like the great outdoors

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